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Rachel Leah Abbott 

406 Gushing Street 
"Real joy comes not from ease or 
riches or from praise of people, but 
from doing something worthwhile"- 
Grefell. Proverbs 3:5-6.ssbc, youth 
group, EE. Austria '96,Knodel, hiking 
in the Alps. Canada '93-'96. Scituate, 
USMC, well, you know, whatever! 
BD, LF, CF, BW, JJ, MJ, CD, the S. 
gang-l'll miss you! Onyx, Sabbath. 
To my family-Mom, Dad, Tim, 
Naomi, Jason- 1 love youi! 

Katherine A. Allen 

21 Pioneer Road 
"Keep your face to the sunshine and 
you cannot see the shadow." 
Maura-my other half, I couldn't have 
survived w/out you! Remember 
Daddy's Acura, "Lab witches", T"", 
Breakin' the law, Germany 95, 
Turlock, French9 - "I feel nau...," 
Bumps, slide on down, pasta tests, 
LSD, "The Hill", pididdle! CPA & all 
my fellow trackies - keep running, 
you can do it! M,D&C - 1 love you! 

Benjamin C. Arkell 

138 Wompatuck Road 
"Take away my ability to feel pain 
and rob me of the chance to 
experience joy." Life on a bus is 
different. Gringo, nice to meet you 
too. Guat '96 BYU #1 Here I come, 
would you like to hear our message? 
We know it to be true. Thank you 
Mom Dad and fam. "There are no 
shortcuts to any place worth going." 
Mormon? Yes I am! Good luck class 
of 1997. 

David Babin 


6 Elaine Road 
Our first life is coming to a close and 
a new life is about to begin. It will be 
weird seeing everyone in our first 
class reunion. Thanks to my parents 
and teachers for all their support. 
Matthews, Falmouth, Street football. 
Hikest of all hikes! B.G. M.C. N.S. 



Nicole R. Baglione 

5 Marshall Road 
"Nothings lasts forever, except the 
memories you keep in your heart..." 
To my best friends Jaimee & Erin 
thanks for always being there for me 
you guys are the greatest. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, & Joseph for being 
supportive to me. A special thanks to 
Grant. I love u always never forget 
me. 4/1 9/94, 1 2/1 7/94 Thanks for all 
the memories. I love you all! Keep in 

Hilary Lynne Baker 

15 Isaac Sprague Drive 
Jr. Prom '96, Football, Chicks, Great 
Woods, Boob show, JM, JJ, JJ's 
sleepovers, strip poker, the hill, TA, I 
did it.Aruba '97, BK runs. Soccer 
girls it's been fun. Thanx for the 
memories MC, JD, JM, MK, KM, JJ, 
LC, KK, KC. CAMS I'll always luv ya. 
Thanx M&D. Good Luck smelly. 
Envelope MC 4-ever. "Always reach 
for the moon, if you miss, you'll be 
among the stars." -unknown. Thanx 

Meghan Patrice Balunas 

27 Harborview Drive 
"Let the past remain a memory & the 
future a dream. Today know it's life & 
live!"MD,CH,BW,MB,LM,SR,JT, U 
guys r the best! Good luck! MV '96, 
town,pigs,210,Chili's. Thanx to my 
kind buds! Kiss my what? Ken 21-69 
-90. Love ya' pal!4 musketeers 4-ever 
JS,BL,KM. Mom, Dad, Deirdre we've 
been through a lot.Thanx for being 
there. I love you! Deirdre be a GG! 

^^^^^^^^^^ '^^^^ 



Wtgl^^^\j^L ll^^^^\^^K. 




Chikia Opheila Baskerville 

152 West Selden St., Mattapan 
Well my last year is ova at HHS&it 
would B hard 4me 2leave w/o sayn 
g-bye 2special peeps KC+MG 
&MJ&RJ&WH&JC n daclassof97 
2my girl TG-N-MY Baby DD lluvu my 
mom&dad wit outU therewould B no 
me g-ma I did it my girin Aunt Tee I 
luv ya 2 BB & AJ & UJ & J&B &B&M 
lluvuall 2 all those I failed 2 sayU will 
B missed "The world is n Da palm of 
my hand n I control it all" 


Marisa Anne Seal 

Maris Ris Risa 

1 1 R Smith Rd. 
To my BFFs- KJ EF JB CP- Thanx 4 
everything 143- KC MM JS JM MB 
CH JC- Thanx 4 the memories 
Midge"the green goo" "oops" 
homecoming 94-96 JrProm Srtrip FL 
rocks- EFAIanis Cranberries Erin its 
all down hill after7-4-96 DDruns the 
beach Stars deeps TGIFS Hockey 
Cheerleading, Ker we've made it 
through alot 143 BFF.Mom&Lar- 
thanks for the support&guidance143 

Cynthia Taylor Biegel 

"Congratulations! Today is your day. 
You're off to great places! You're off 
and away!"-Dr. Suess Mr. Cwicket I 
wuv u! Bickfords, Merlin, whittle 
house, no pants, the infant, there are 
llamas here, NYC Drama trips. 
Thanks: Kell,Conor,Sarah,Amy, Bob, 
Becky, Dave, Krissy.Jon, Kelly, and 
Diana. "Dan, do you know what 
frostbite is?" Mer... 

Patrick Daniel Bird 

Sin Mantequilla 
48 Foley Beach Rd. 
"We will now discuss in a little more 
detail the struggle for existence." 
Charles Darwin Thanks to those who 
know me (you know who you are) 
Jah live-Bob Marley I pity those who 
are ignorant and insecure Religion is 
intellectual suicide. Thank you very 
much mom&dad "With all its shame 
and drugery and broken dreams it is 
still a beautiful world." Max Ehrmann 

Jaimee Elizabeth Bizzozero 

1 1 Merrymount Rd. 
"You live, you learn." Thanx to my 
BB's-Nicole, Marisa&Erin- 1 couldn't 
ask 4 more-The memories R endless 
& I'll cherish them always-143 w/ all 
my heart. EM 143. Thanx to my fam- 
143 & thanx for the support. Mom& 
Bry&Mike &Gig-143 Mom, you're the 
best friend everyone wishes 4- lluvu. 
"I never thought this day would 
come, but nothing lasts 4 ever." - 

Maura Black 

12 Hitching Post Lane 
"So stick to the fight when you're 
hardest hit-it's when things seem 
worst that you must not quit." Katie 
A-thanx for bein' there. Nick always 
friends-promise? Alex-I'm happy. 
Trackies:LSD, pasta fests,the hill, 
keep running, DDL, pididle, HORDE, 
Eper. study, "lab witches", breakin' 
the law.Naz farm, Germany, Bumps, 
Falmouth. Mom, Dad, MA+Fran I luv 
U! K-it's all U! Meg-I made it! 

Gregory Bliss 

399 Gushing St. 
Losing is no fun so I'll let you do it. 
Mopars and longboards rule 
everything else suxs. Thankx to 
everyone who was cool you know 
who you are. 

Katrina Florence Boles 

"Kat, Katalac" "Kat-Trina" "Trina" 

22 Fisher Avenue 
Thanks to my family and friends. To 
my top Dawgs: KM, WH, TD, CB, 
MM. I'll miss you all. Thanks TM and 
TD for stopping me from making the 
biggest mistake of my life. I luv you 

Once again thanks everyone! 
I LUV you all! 

Jonathan William Bonner 

22 French Street 
Now to the plant, we'll take the 
Sprouse Mousse, HOP IN! I may not 
always be right, but I'm never wrong. 
SPARTACUS. Sometimes I really 
need a cup of coffee. (AWOL) Buch's 
mom, she's wicked fat. 
SHAHOYGAN! And then I kicked him 
in the jimmy. Love is the knife driven 
deep within my soul. Skankin' at 
W&P! O.J. Drama, Dodgeball. C- 
ya, and Godspeed. 


Sarah Elizabeth Born 

262 South Street 
Live, Love, Learn, Laugh, Cry, Need, 
Hurt, Want, Imagine, Dream, Be. 
Follow your own star.Never let 
weeds grow around your dreams. 
People will remember me for who I 
am and not what I dreamed not for 
what I pretended to be or reach for. 
Remember that's what's right isn't 
always popular and what's popular 
isn't always right.Thanks BW JH MW 
CC CH KA MC MLF JB & my family. 

Kenneth Bryson Bowers 

12 Merrymount Rd. 
"One good thing about music - when 
it hits, you feel no pain - so hit me." 
-Bob Marley, Chorus, Germany, 
Deez„„ 420,Phishin', Sup to my tres. 
Great Woods, Centrum, WVA, 
Sacdog Sea. if you want to learn 
anything, you have to forget 
everything .This I have accomplished. 
The one and only thing I expect you 
to be is yourself. Wus my name? 

Michael Edward Boylan 

Mike, Bohaun, B-Boz 
41 Leavitt Street 
"It's never too late, time is guided by 
open minds that fight disguises." 
Thanks to all the other usual 
suspects, relapse '92-'97, World's 
End, iguana, studious, CP, the lawn, 
Pepsi, High Plains Drifter, Getty, 
Caruso's House, Toilets and Traffic 
signals Courtesy of the Apostles of 
John Ritter, the Food Basket, Turkey 
Hill, Swiss Rolls, Kobe, Summer of 
'96, LA&F-CA and MB. 

Brandi Lynne Brice 

"B", Beezus 

53 Elm Street 
"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their 
dreams." Thx 4 the memories, I luv 
u, MF, JM, LR, JS. KS, HY, GC ,MC. 
Ketchup sisters, Deeps, Loon, ski 
trips, Riddlers, T's in Toe's, 29 
Arrests, GW-Boones, Tearoom, 
MoJoe's, BT Adventures, Cancun 
'97. KM, u the best. JW, Soulmates, 
BFF, powder 8's Thanx Mom & Bill, I 

David Britt 

2607 Hockley Drive 
"Good Times Bad Times 1 know I've 
had my share." Thanks to the Fab 5 
and all my friends, you know who 
you are. We've had our fun, but now 
it's time to get the hell out. 1 wish a 
few could have been there with me 
for my last year MW-EB-SW-JC. I 
couldn't have done it without you. 
Also Kress field Pilgrim CI's Shed the 
Dump Baker's. 

Caroline Brouse 

238 Gardner Street 
"Life is a sport - Play it up." 
Sandals and Homecoming Elan 
Shags Pencil the Shadies Markie 
Carolina Whatever! Letter Boy 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Bethany, Ellen, 
Jacqui, Gretz. 

Sarah Elinore Buba 

30 Park Circle 
"The way 1 see it, if you want the 
rainbow you gotta put up with the 
rain." Crow Point LM JJ TS, Thanx 
Kev HB JD MB AF, Jess you're the 
best I couldn't have asked for a 
better friend. Field Hockey Lax 
SAI_AD Thanx Mom, Dad, Nicole, 
Tom I could never have done it 
without you. I love you 

Christine Cadigan 

70 Birtch Bark Dr. Hanson, MA 02341 
2 my friends-TD, KC, NC, JL, JM, 
SS, CD, RV, JP, SR, JH, KM, KB- I'll 
miss ya! Shawn- luv ya always, U R 
the best. 22-143-53-6673. 1/20/95- 4 
eva. Taly- Remember the walks? 
"You guys!"Thanks 4 being there-F/F, 
Kris- trip 2 DD's, stucko wall, bath 
house, Mugsy & Bradley, Jelly Bean! 
Thanx-F/F! JM- "Wicked Bad" Thanx 
2-Mom Dad Sean ML VS MS KS luv 
ya! We did it! 


Matthew Richard Camilleri 

97 Hersey Street 
"The cards of life mean very little, it's 
how you play them that counts." 
UNK, two nights to be forgotten 12/9- 
8/17, VAN HALEN, truck gang, 
stickball, late night, world's end, pits, 
PRS, Coh bridge. Great Woods, Jr.P, 
Jess's sleepovers. Good Luck JM, 
KM, DM, HB, MK, JD, JJ, JW, Luv to 
T, S&T, A, Dad, esp. Mom. Thanx for 
everything. HB-My love for ever + 
one-envelope-Luv you always! 

Brett William Campbell 

119 Downer Avenue 
"Life is just one damned thing after 
another." -Frank Ward O'Malley 
10/27/95, Suomi-Finland, Revolution 
The Elephant, N03, 4:3, T-Ride, 
Pyramid, Live, Matthews, Tourney 
Time, Finals, B-ball, School Night, 
Hanwichpt 94. 

"Cujahgodonstairspleze?" -BM 
Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, 
Joe, Casey, Boursin, and Heidi. 

Nicole Capano 

3 Presidents Rd. 
"Even the best of friends must part." 
KC, AS, CC, GreenDay 94- JC, JM 
GC, Red Sox- KJ, EF, MM, JS.Home 
coming-mm's garage CM-11&33 Waf 
"The school locked us out" Brighams 
I'll always love you guys-my big 
brothers-B&Jamie Raves Weymouth 
house Whitey& Prez Crossbreed & 
Pet 3 musketeers The ghetto rats 
"I'm so geeked" Thanks for every- 
thing-Mom, Dad, John, Jayne, Mark 

Marc Carlson 

Carls, Freak 
86 Hersey Street 
"I want you to take this the wrong 
way. I'm not here for you but for ME. 
I took this misadventure to see what 
I could do and no one rides for free." 
Gina:2/26,l Love You.Hawk-HC 
Dynasty: BG,MM,KM,AM,DM,AS, 
GR! Mole&Abbas! Mark-SE 
Brother. Paintball Crew! Thanx to my 
family. Always believe in yourself. 

Krista Carlton 

Kris, Kritta, Smurfette 
PC BOX 201 
To the Gang KJ MB JC GC luv u 
Foster cheerleading 95 The bath- 
house Ast Crew miss u CC thanx 4- 
everything never 4get u Jelly bean 
Braley Mugsi BFF JW I'll always love 
u Thanx 4everything To JM JL NC 
NB JB HY MF JS SM Kia and 
everyone else Miss u Siamese Twins 
Nee Good luck luv u Bush Rage 
Alby"s GH Man Bobsie Twins The 
Count Puppy Power Mom thanks143 

Jennifer Elizabeth Carnes 


9 Linscott Rd. 
Moteie twins Jr.prom Florida97 
Allstars-JS shoes Bees-Knees-ST 
BBC PuppyPower Li'lBobby Starland 
Pt. SabagleBB Dungin Palace Bone 
"Kick 'em when he's down" 8-28-96 
HAK "oh what a night!" MP BW KJ 
AW BM Kia-Baybee WH-Baybee CC 
CD JL JB JC JS KB Tank stay out of 
trouble "Lizzy" I luv u guys Thanks to 
my parents 4 everything I love you! 

Katherine Kingsley Carolan 

7 Chamberlain Run 
"There are three things which are 
real: God, human folly, and laughter; 
the first two are beyond our 
comprehension, so we must do what 
we can with the third." 
Here's to the posse-KKLCHS. 
we stand. THX-JPDH,BG "NADA" 
DFYBFWM. M- You're a saint ILY 
Ker, John & Dad- thx for being the 
best coach I ever had. GLCIass 97! 

Timothy Lyie Carpenter 
Timmy C 

10 Bel Air Drive 
"In prosperity our friends know us, in 
adversity, we know our friends." 
Great Woods, Russ's Lair, 7/4/96, 
The lawn, Hanwichpt 94, Take it Take 
it-Chilin at Getty-the yellow ride, 
Kutsch she knows, E-period study- 
our friendship's over. May Day, 70's 
night 1&2, RF Megs with a B. 
Thanks to Mom, Dad, Jen, Lis, & 
Grammy for everything. "I'm all set?" 
Check ya Later-Timmy 


Russell Caruso 

161 Otis street 
Thank you Mom and Dad. I couldn't 
have done it without you. Good luck 
John, Dave, Lisa, and Sid. Thanx to 
PD, PB, CH, PS, MK, the lair, BJ, 
Getty-YELLOW RIDE, Buddha, JR 
Prom, RF, Timmy C.-lt's burning my 
hand!, 70s Nites, Nathan-Alanis 
break in, Kutsch-Nites out, "It's better 
to regret the things you did do rather 
than the things you didn't." Miriam-I'll 
always love you. Peace out. 

Gina M. Cinquegrano 

16 Nutty Hill Rd. 
sGroundls2Uncertain.Thx 4 the mem 
ories, BB, MC, MF, JM, JS, HY, IWN 
FYG! JS: What can I say? We've 
done it all-NYC, Brx, MJ@Wompy, 
BDLR,St. J 7/11-abls,The dump crew 
93-97, glycerine, BK, Parlies, Renee 
DDD@UMA, ILY. 2theBears&the rest 
thx 4 the laughs, IWNFYG! GLZRW! 
Mom, Dad, Lenny, Paul, and Tony- 
thank you 4 beliving in me, I love you! 

Megan Anne Clifford 

259 Gushing St. 
"Friends are never really lost; but live 
on for eternity in our hearts." Chorus, 
Choral Spectrum '94-'97, AFS 
Thanks to my 2 presidents. Germany 
'95, cheating corner, E period study, 
in search of Friendly's, Chili's movie 
night. Good luck to my sophomore 
buddies. Thanks for all of your 
support Mom, Dad, and Kate. 
Goodbye Class of '97. I'll miss you 
HHS . Good luck! 

Brian Michael Coghlan 

221 Gushing St. 
All that you touch and all that you 
see All that you taste all you feel. Oh 
I get by with a little help from my 
friends em I get high with a little help i 
from my friends. South Hingham, 
Kress, tabs, skate or die. School has ! 
been fun for one reason-great 
friends. You guys are the best. I 
hope you never change. Good luck 
to all. See you on the dark side of 
the moon. 

Caitlin Cohan 

Caitlin, Stu 
9 Porters Cove Rd. 
JG Ers '96 Seniors KM KF MM JH 
Poppies Captain Jack Brownies A. 
D'Amor Party at my house Mary 
Lou's My CHEVY BLAZER Lincoln 
Statue Independence Day What do 
they keep back there? 4B's + CA & J 
= the night we almost died One Way 
St. Hull '96 WT + paraphernalia + 50 
= TH HYC Fishing It was an 
experience "Like a Hurricane" - NY 
"Cashmere" - LZ O Bla Di O Bla Da 

Courtney Coleman-Moore 

205 South St. 
The time has come to say goodbye, 
I'll never forget you, I'll hold onto the 
memories so somehow I know you'll 
always be with me. Here's to the 
friends I've shared the best memo- 
ries with, KM, CD, DN, JM, KB, CB, 
MC, SC, Joe P. Good luck guys in all 
that you do. Thanks for the memo- 

Andrew R. Collins 

26 Beach Rd. Box 5 
Life is to go fishin and hunting 
Thanks to all my friends JH, JM, DM, 
MM, AM, and all my other friends too 
thanks to my mom and dad 2 pits PR 
Dunka Bakers Dilby's BBQ Sweets 
RIP Mystery Machine Ford rules 
Silva L4 SWF Rm221 271 

Walter Con key 

107Nokomis Rd. 
"Man can only attain knowledge with 
the help of those who possess it. 
This must start from the very 
beginning One must learn from they 
who know. And when we leave HHS, 
it will be because of the help and 
dedication all the teachers have. 
Thanks for the memories. 


Colleen S. Connearney 


29 Smith Rd. 
"When you go out into the world, 
watch out for traffic, hold hands and 
stick together." Lax FH Hingi DYO 
FAT Shuttle Cheating corner Slide on 
down Frsh. Lax Benchleaders Thanx 
to my friends. Thanx Mom, Dad + 
Sarah I couldn't have done it without 
you. Good luck Class of '97 see 

Erin E. Conroy 


28 Croydon Rd. 
"Turn your face to the moonlight, let 
your memory lead you. Open up, 
enter in, and you will find what 
happiness is."E PD study/Jeans 
Test/Daddy's Acura/Montreal/That 
was almost good/Turlock/BEAN 
FEAST/70's/Trems/Liz we're done 
(dancin' in the kitchen) /Embryo/CK/ 
Lab Witch/Brownies/Rhode Isl./ 
Friday 13/D'Amour "And in time we 
will all be stars." Fame Thanks 

Ellen L. Copplnger 

Elan Eleanor Helen Elena Ellie 
121 Whiting St 
I like the dreams of the future better 
than the history of the past. Dale we 
made it. Paul you're a great friend 
JP&CB you're the best. IVIassage 
whatever buddy shady-thanks to #1 
Walk for Hunger96 Snowball96 I'll 
take you to JrProm Toby and Marie 
Whiteshoes quit job to go to 
Watenwizz naterruns polyesters keys 
ribby get me a balloon celine papas 
what's your name CYA. 

Kenneth Corson 

17 Issac Sprague Drive 

Matthew James Cosman 

Matt, Coz 
16 Queen Anne Ln. 
"It's just too bad we can't have an 
epidemic of botulism." Ronald 
Reagan 10/27/95, Revoloution, 
pyramid. Tennis: ACL Champs, Live, 
Matthews, HORDE, No3, broken 
seat, "cheez waffles", 4:3, b-ball, 
golf, tennis party, T-ride, Tourney 
Time, "That's a little risky." Thanks 
for all your love and support Mom 
and Dad. Good luck Brie. Thanks to 
all my friends- you know who you 

Marlssa Cotsonas 

7 Fulling Mill Ln. 
"Live each day to its fullest extent, 
because tommorrow it will only be a 
memory of the past." Thanks: BB, 
MF, JM, LR. KS, HY KM & the Bears 
esp JG. Deeps, Riddlers, 7/19/96, 
Dump, Dikas, Pits, Everlast, Gr. 
Woods, Ruby Rubby Gang, Cancun, 
HHS field-perv, Greece95, Fiddlers. 
Luv ya Mom, Dad, Amy, Mark, Sue. 

Lauren Ross Cullings 

44 Spring St. 
"We laughed until we cried & we 
loved right down to our last goodbye" 
RM, BG, ES, MW, JM, NH, KM, HB, 
KS-INFY "A lifetime of memories & 
not one regret" footprints 4/8 
TBDrivethru gravyfries BuffetThe- 
Pond Rec96 PePe twinies movieclub 
cowpants desk mentally... FH Lax- 
Tank Class of '97-ril miss you guys. 
Mom and Dad and Lyn-I Love You 

Charlene Marie Danielson 

10 Bulow Rd. 
Friendships are so sweet, steady, 
loyal, and enduring a nature that will 
last a lifetime thanx to all my friends 
made at HHS I'll miss you and all the 
good times we had together JB, CB, 
MM, AW Franki I love you always, 
my high school sweetheart Thanx for 
being there for me. 


Kristina DeLisle 

Krisi, D, 
1 62 Chief Justice Gushing Hwy. 
JD what spding yellow car. Dr. 
Pepper any1-S.0.-inky fuzzy melon 
Hello there, who us sisters, seagulls 
R dumb MG-whatever jumping 123 
wussy DJ's z+ overbearing hugs. MN 
the humanity Chip-Hell ya mud 
bogging bakers July 4 4x4 BK Flash 
Mom+Dad been through a lot but as 
time goes on life will get better. If U 
want something don't be afraid to go 
after it. 

James R. DiGiusto 

1 3 Sunset Lane 
Growing older.getting wiser. L4all 
the way.Kress field, summer of 94,the 
shed, South Hingham posse, Pilgrim, 
Triphammer, Wompatuck.late night 
fishing. Standard pride221 .Good 
times at PSCIAbington posse.High 
school was fun,but I'm glad I'm 
leaving. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Sha, 
and all the good friends. 

Tania Diatchenko 

60 Thayer St. 
E-study 94, Hemp-fest 95, Bickford's, 
timberlanes, oldies. Do a Kahlua! 
Zeki Bird Joe's motel, the park, 
platters. Righteous Bros, Steve 
Miller, Doing the three high high. The 
dumbell, Beachhouse, the rocks, 
wait! wrong car! Saho's...hey guys, 
cut it out! Deirdre, VS KH MM MEO 
JG TC Thanks to NY 143 always! 

Juli Carlene Dobson 

Jules, Dobbo 

17 Patriots Way 
"You've gotta live thru the rainy days 
to get the rainbow." Paco/Pedro 
beans scoots-skids J. my back hurts. 
Shoogs/boogs MW MK-We are fruit 
and cake! Worlds end, football chix 
rule! JJ KM HB MC JM I luv u guys! 
RC and TC the yellow lift. Great 
woods- which nite JJ parties, is that 
doubles.- Mike, I luv u very much & 
thanx being my best bud. Thanx 
Mom and Rick, Good luck Mel! 

Brendan Doherty 


When a man lies he murders 
some part of the world. 
These are the pale deaths which 
men miscall their lives. 
All this I cannot bear 
to witness any longer 
Can not the kingdom of salvation 
take me home? 
-Cliff Burton 
The best of luck to my successors. 

Kevin Michael Doherty 

Creativity is the key. Get an idea, 
write it down , sing it, play it, sell it - 

Capability. Opportunity. Courage. 
Responsibility. These are the things 
that herald success in life. Most 
importantly, be critical of yourself. 
The minute you stop disapproving 
the present status is the minute you 
stop going fonward. }:( 

Cynthia Jayne Doland 

Cindy, Amber, Snow, Cinderella 

382 Main st. 
These have been the strangest 4 yrs 
of my life EC-study parties shadies! 
LF RA CF-you're the best DL-I 
couldn't have made it without you! 
Quantum Physics rules Gutsy-Its you 
I get my zaniness from but also my 
sense of humor Thanks for sticking 
with me. To Bridget-one day we will 
meet then I will go questing in Damar 
with trusty friends. Off to my destiny! 

Patrlcic Shea Donnelly 

Pat, "D" 

5 Holly St. 
"Accepting all I've done and said, I 
want to stand and stare again until 
there's nothing left. It remains there 
in your eyes, whatever comes and 
goes."-PG Jr. Prom, Great. Wds, 
RAGE, WrIdsEnd, Russ's Lair, baked 
couch, 640E, the lawn, jamin'-don't 
know where I'd be W/0 it-Thanks 
guys,To all my close friends"hold on 
to the thread, the currents will shift."- 
PJ It's been real. 



Adam Dorsky 

12 French St. 
HHS soccer and lacrosse all the 
way. The best in '96-'97 I'd like to 
thank my family and friends for their 
support through my high school 

Talitha B. Duffey 

T., Tally, Tahib, Sexy 
94 Hull St. 
2 the most unforgetable & 
unrememberable days of HHS. They 
say u fly thru HS,"I literally flew" 
Finally made it summer697 wpy 
much love 2 melmac CC AK AB EB 
BS to my one & only Cheryl. To my 
metco women "he say she say or 
not"93-96 Kellee, Kat, Wiwi. Sum luv 
2 Hump. 2my main man T you'll 
always be in my heart. 2 Rachael 
sorry for leavin u behind! 

Reid Eisenhaure 

5 Codman Rd. 
So much for tonight. So much for the 
rest of my life. So much for what I've 
left behind. So much for my kind. I 
walk through the empty streets 
heading for a destination, no time for 
contemplation in this corupt lying 
nation. Thanks a lot to Tom, Bob, 
and Jacky, my family and friends 
Remember Instep and the ponds to 
All you ignorant bigots Wake Up! 

Collin A. Emerson 

764 Main St. 
Good luck to all my friends, you guys 
know who you are. RESPECT it's the 
key to life. SNOWBOARDING-LED 
PERF0RMANCE-V8. Jill: I'll never 
forget you or our memories! It's was 
fun. I hope to see you in the future! 
Mom & Dad - Thanks! Good luck to 
all in the future. 

Sarah Alleen Engdahl 

Sadie, Darah 

21 Butler Rd. 
"Spend this time with me walk with 
me walk with you hold my hand your 
hands so much we have dreamed"- 
DMB Thanks Mom, Eric & Will. Dan, 
do you know what frostbite is? B- 
Button-KF Hewoh? Janis lives! It 
ROCKS!-Wobin 10/8/95 yup! cap! 
cap! T-day parties Seniorita Cindita 
Yellow Fergie M&C NYC-Drama 
Wittle house think happy thoughts! 
lips, ting! 

Melyssa Ann FallettI 

Melys Fallet-Cat 
15 Michael Rd. 
"Friends will come, friends will go but 
the memories will last forever" BB, 
GC, MC, JM, LR, JS, KS, HY-you 
guys are the bestest! Bears, KM, 
Antha, Dika-Dump crew93-97. Loon, 
Deeps, Tearoom, Cape, Riddler's, 7/ 
19-Slammer, T's in Tom's toes, car 
rides, Mojo's , lax 94-BB Grt.Woods 
Jr. Prom, Cancun? GL-EF, KC: Keep 
in touch. Thanks: Mom, Dad, Alicia 

Kelly Ferguson 

Kel, Fergie 
189 South Street 
To my friends SEKFCBJPBNCB 
HAG & the crew I luv you guys Jen, 
you're my best bud Jay luv ya foreva! 
Engie & Sqeaks good luck Zimba- 
bwe To the drama club thanx for the 
insanity BS cap me a stinger I'm 
zuted blue men CB pass the tree 
Come to Barbara's to smoke butts 
To all achieve your dreams and get 
out of this town Love Through Tears 
P.S. I'm a SENIOR cya 

NancI Lynn Fine 

Fanci, Nine 
5 Black Horse Lane 
Friends forever and never apart 
maybe in distance but never in the 
heart. Fab 4 +1 . Butterscotch-Cush. 
BC.Juli's medicine/Brick Oven. Tulis' 
basement. Augurs. The Cape.BP in 
CT. 4th of July 96.The map.HD+B. 
SM-MBFF. CRUISE 96. JH 87-97 
ASLU! MCJS-Keep Smiling YTB! 
We tend to get a little crazy! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Jon-I love you! 


Caroline Anne Finlay 

41 Hobart Street 
Let us consider how we may spur 
one another on toward love and 
good deeds; for God did not give us 
a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of 
power, of love and of self discipline. 
Hebrews 10:24; 2 Timothy 1 :7 

Jennifer Fischer 

72 High Street 
"Reach for your goals in life, don't 
give up." Thanks to all my teachers, 
etc. JK and AF you two were always 
there for me in good times and in 
bad times. JL and MM "word"! 
Thanks to my mother I love you and 
Mikey, I love you with all my heart. 
Good Luck to everyone. Don't miss 
my gum too much. IT PAYS TO 

Erin Marie Foley 

188Sidehill Road 
Thanx to Marisa, Bizz, and Nicole I 
love u! 7496 MB Party on I'll never 
forget it. 81396 JBKJMMMB. The 
RoofNB Bizz and Nicole 12695 
We're crazy. Florida NBJBMBKJJC 
MM.JS The GMobile. Homecoming 
95. MB Stars, the beach all summer. 
JB & NB I'll never forget the times we 
had. GL, HY & MF keep in touch. 
Mom and Dad thanx 4 everything I 
love you. Justin I love you Always. 

Katharine Ellen Folven 

Katy, Folvens 

110 High Street 
"Promise you won't forget about me 
ever. Not even, when I'm a hundred." 
"Winnie the Pooh" We have made it! 
THANK YOU for the great times SE, 
KF, SW, JF, SM The Girls only trips 
into Boston CBC is forever in my 
heart. Good luck in the Future. 

Krissy Fortin 

2 Oak Crest Road 
Guard within Yourself that treasure, 
kindness, know how to give without 
hesitation, how to lose without 
regret, how to acquire without 
meanness. Know how to replace in 
your heart the happiness of those 
you love. We are all fundamentally 
whole and capable of Great love, we 
bring that wholeness with us when 
we join the dance of life. Each life 
has its place. 

Hugh Griffen Fournier 

1 station Street 
Kelle, I always love you. NUT 
MONKEY! "You're an idiot."-Moe. 
Calls from Bim Skala Bim. "Where's 
my $50 at!" Fred Garvin.. .MP. 
Constant "Simpson's" Quotes. The 
Usual Suspects. Skankin' at W&P! 
Drive by juicings! Random Parody 
lives on! "I took a fall, now I can 
see... see what works better for me"- 
Bim. Godzilla! Fill'er up, QUWAH! 
2-2-96 BDOML 

Michael A.K. Freeland 

220 Prospect Street 
It's about time. Off to bigger maybe 
better things. BWJBJHDHKMSLTL 
BMMBTJJL you made it possible BM 
OA my family RATM "Make a move 
and plead the fifth cause you can't 
plead the first. "ZDLR "DR,EE" 96 
8/05/96, 11/25/95, 11/28/95, 5/25/96 
Titc oits, freaks of the world, Friday 
at work, fishing, Germany, Bass 
Unity, Maine, 14 Main ST. Spectrum 
Killa Vanilla OLindy's CheFIYOG 

Lydia Grace Fulton 

Lyddie, fuss 
540 Main Street 
Friends may you "grow in grace in 
the knowledge of our Lord & Savior 
Jesus Christ.To him be the glory now 
& forever! Amen" 2Pet. 3:18 
Crossover SSBC Austria96 Delta 
BerBer Gizmo Keys Freak! Knodel 
DT Mts. So much has happened 
good & bad. It builds our future. 
Have love. 


Bryan D. Gautreau 

2 Queen Anne Lane 
"The torch is yours to hold so hold it 
high." -MCLR 6-21-95 RS.HS.RM. 
HHS Hockey w/ Pat, Corey, Scerbo, 
Melanson, Murph, Freak, Hawk. 
Thanx Rory for keeping me sane in 
winters 93-96 & to Dean in VA "What 
are ya doin'" Lax"Tradition" w/ BM. 
KC=Nothing Thanx to Pat, Power to 
the POSSE Heather, Katie, Lauren, 
Kristin. Thanx Mom, Dad and to 
Heather G. Good Luck! 

Elizabeth Gillen 

70 Manatee Road 
"To everyone who doubted me all I 
have to say is ba-bye." Some times 
will never be forgotten. I wasn't 
always dizzy. SM keep the swimmies 
on. KO keep running. JC Jenny. LA 
hang in. "77" mote. My Jeep does 
185 I lost my licence now I don't 
drive. The Cape Shooters "11" 7/22/ 
95 still miss ya. Thanks Mom Dad 
Jen and John. Good Luck to class of 

Benjamin Gillis 

7 Merrill Street 
Seen a shooting star tonight slip a 
way. Tomorrow will be another day.. 
It's a potato and. ..join the club... 
McNasty...lf ignorance is bliss, then 
knock the smile off my face... 
Atlanta. ..Delilah sits worthlessly 
alone but the tears on her cheeks 
are from laughter... Thanks to my 
family and good luck to my friends- 
Excuse me while I kiss the sky...LL 

Katie Elizabeth Golden 

142 Otis street 
We will take "...memories to hold that 
grow sweeter each season as we 
slowly grow old." "These things come 
to mean so much to me." To my 
friends and family I love you all. CL 
ID4, X-Files, DW U R the best. To 
my good pal CW, IDEM & MM. JH 
MKL 4-eva. KO, DYN-0-MYTEI A 
special thanks to my Mom, Dad and 
my Ninster! 

Audra Gomez 

21 1 Cushing Street 
stage, 70's Nite 1&2, what's up? 
field hockey, lax, E Period study, 
10/16/92, hanging out at Getty, pizza 
parties, bean feast. 
Thanx to all my friends you know 
who you are. Mom, Dad, Ronnie, 
Laura, and Jenna I love you all. 

Markia C Gooding 

43 Mt. Bowdoin Terrace 
First of all I wanna thank God and 
my mother for giving me the strength 
& the courage through my High 
School years. I Wanna say what's 
up to Chikia we did it boo! Class of 
"97" we out! I wanna say what's up 
to everyone on the metco bus! I also 
wanna thank Mrs. Roundtree and all 
my teachers for helping me through 
these unforgetable memories at 

Jessica Marie Griffin 

26 Chamberlain Run 
"Friends some may pass and some 
may stay, but the memories from 
each will be with you day after day." 
Deadly Rollerblading - JH. WT + 7 + 
50 = TH - CC MaryLou's -TD & DL 
HYC-CC, LC, EC Jr. Prom (stairs) 
It's all good - CC & JH CC, JH, TD, 
EC, DL, JH, NF I luv you guys & 
Thanx for all the memories! Mom, 
Dad, Joe & John Thanx for every- 
thing I luv you! 

Chris Haddad 

Habib, Bib, Beeb, Hacienda 
27 Plymouth River Road 
Special thanks to my family "Oh life it 
seems a struggle between what we 
think and what we see. "-DM. Can't 
forget:wogat, FRIDAY, Russ' house, 
Great woods. Mile 22, Tommy Boy. 
Thanks to MW, PS, MK, PD, MB, 
PB, MW, RC, AS, MP.FM.SE and 
the Camel. 640E, V-ball, July 4, 
bagel, Getty-Team Stick;"don't cry" 
Remi, Victor, "In the right light, study 
becomes insight"-ZDLR... 


Kathleen Erin Haggerty 

Katie, Kate, Hagbo 
32 Park View Drive 
"Turns out not where but who you're 
with that really matters." Thanx to all 
my friends you know who you are. 
STAGE! E period study CHARLES! 
Seventies nite 1&2. Day in the life w/ 
JH & NH Pool hopping marching 
downtown Jr. Prom the lair How is 
this happening? Getty Summer 95 
Great Woods 2 Week Party! Good 
luck trackies! esp KS, AM Thanx 
Mom, Dad, Chris & Grant! 

Jaclyn Marie l-lammond 

14 Presidents Road 
"You only live once, but if you live it 
up right, once is enough. "Summer96, 
NY96, E Block Study, Homecoming 
96. KT:Chili's-no fat ranch, excuses- 
movies, red lights,Shell. NF: FF,L. Ex 
94-97. JH:Good Eats, GD's. LAC: 
MAAC,gas?drive!\A/V new car, porch 
party. Chins, package, balcony,79-97 
ALYF. Abs, JD, cooler - MTS. Thanx 
Mom,Dad,Mike,Kev-ILUG. "We're on 
our way, we can't turn back now." 

John Alexander Hare 

23 Del Prete Drive 
This is the end 
Beautiful friend 
This is the end 
My only friend 
Of our elaborate plans 
Of everything that stands 
No safety or surprise 
I'll never look into your eyes 

Whilena Harrington 

Whil Weeney Whilly Yiddish Voni 

22 A Crawford Street 
Well I finally made it!! I AM OUTTY 
2000. 1 have been waiting for this 
moment since day one of Freshman 
year. 2 All my Peeps. - You know 
who you R: Boodle, JCBayBee, ST, 
BH, KAT, TD, KiKi, Sunshine, Cutie, 
10 Footer,TM and TinTin. I got MAD ■ 
MA#2 and Big Guy. I would not have > 
make it without you. Luv U MUCHLY, 

1 «. M 






Jill Harris 

20 Wanders Drive 
"I don't know where this road is going 
to lead to, all I know is where we've 
been & what we've been through!" 
CE-No matter what you'll always be 
my BF! JG/wr CC/yh KG/dm CL/mc 
CB/wt JH/ge JB/lu NF/87-97aslu! To 
the fam: Thanx 4 everything! To my 
friends"How do I say goodbye to 

what we've had the good times 

that made us laugh, out-weighed the 
bad!" ILU & I'll miss you all! 

Joseph Andrew Harris 

24 Volunteer Road 
My friends, we are free at last. 
Drama dodgeball Co-founder, Bass 
Solidarity, Tech, TITC, OITS, 
Germany, Maine, "Why do I like the 
Bosstones?!?", 14 Main, Coffee in 
the ghetto. Thanks guys, for making 
these 4 years bearable: 
cheap" - The Toasters... Happy 
Skankin'! I Raise my Glass to the 
Rudies of the World. 

Caitlyn Morrison Harvey 

225 Hersey Street 
We can't all, and some of us don't. 
That's all there is to it— Eeyore 

I get by with a little help from my 
friends. Thanks to everybody in 
Drama and Chorus. 

Mom and Dad, you are the best. 
Thanks for everything. 

Jason Henley 

1 1 Camelot Drive 
If your life means correction then 
don't follow my direction. BBoys 95, 
CB23, PR Pitts Dunka We Cashmere 
JG Tufftable Millbys BBQ L4 Rm. 
221 SWF Cohst Brawl the Bears SP, 
DM, JG Cadts. MM, MW, SND 
Shrimp, Capea SP MW Carbe Gang 
Mystery Machine Pady Wagn 
Bottoms up to Murf and all my other 
friends you know who you are Bears 
MBLE Ozzy Rip Sweets 3MTA3 


Nathan Higgins 

22 Jones St. 
■| hate qutoations. Tells me what you 
know."--R.W.E. A day in the Life- JH 
&KH,CC,cheez waffles, aristo-dandy, 
LeonE, pool hopping, 1 860, Higgins 
&Caruso Landscaping, Student gov't 
day, Revolution, Euro'96, Pamplona- 1 
ranlFireking, Apostles, Ethan Frome, 
Stop&Shop, Staring Contests PS, 
Invisible Fore-head-LC,The Cones- 
All of them.To all my friends,we had 
a pretty good time, didn't we. later. 

Erik Holler 

44 Bel Air Road 
How high you go depends on how 
deeply you care. Thanks to my 
family. I love you. 

Blossom Malyssan Howes 

35 Wachusett Street 
MeanAnything2MeWhyDol FeelThe Way 
TheMemories97l LuvUGuysMetco897- 
ClaudiaBFFSweetTabu 1 43A&FYaz 
MommyDaddyDreAdeLysslLuv U,SR 

Jimmy Bryant Humphrey 

Hump, Pinkhump, CantCOPE 
70 Mariposa Street, Hyde Park MA 
"When I was young you use 2 hold 
me tell me I was the best anything in 
this world I want I could possess." I 
made it through this piece thanx 
mom and dad much love. 2 my bro 
hold da fort down wifeey. It's just me 
and you son, 1 luv. To MM, AM, SC 
this is 4u R IP. 2TBCNS we can't be 
stopped. 2JM, Bruce Leel! 2da bus 1 
luv RL, SG, RJ, AL. AT MPILuv PI u 
owe me luv ya BHWHTMTW 

Dennis J. Hurley 

Den The Dennis Menudo 
49 Ward Street 
"The one serious conviction that a 
man should have is that nothing is to 
be taken too seriously." My thanks to 
those who took the time to know me 
emd to the drama club and chorus 
THE SIMPSONS Forever! Random 
Parody "Life beats down on your 
soul, art reminds you that you have 
one.'"S.A. Goodbye Cretins, MY limo 
is ready. 

Patrick Joseph Ingoldsby 


5 Stagecoach Road 
"When I look back on the causes and 
effects that have brought me to this 
stage in my life, I believe I have kept 
my guardian angels quite busy." 
J Buffett Thanks to Bryan G, Posse, 
DM, KM, JH, MC, JW, JM, AM, 
Hockey Finals, concerts. World's 
End, MK. MC, and everyone else. 
Good Luck in the Real World! Much 
love to my Mom, Dad, and Mike!! 
Thank you. 

Louis loanilli 

Sweet Lou 
1 7 Accord Drive 
"I have finally seen the light at the 
end of the long, dark, hallway." 
"Freedom at Last." Thanks to my 
family, friends, and Harcorps; It only 
counts if you land it! Also, do what 
you want, and don't stop and think 
about it, "life is too short to wonder 
why." Pray for surf. 

Jessica Grace Jancaitis 

1 1 Paige Street 
To my friends at HHS, thanx for the 
best 4 years. The 8-some MK JD HB 
MC KM JM,? Kev, u will always be in 
my heart. I luv u.Crow Pt. LM SB TS 
Lax-Semis.Jules-so many memories, 
Paco-Pedro,ls that doubles? Scoota! 
Great Woods - Goose, World's End - 
Dana. My back! 50 yd. In, Cookies 
and brownies - HS. Bubs I won't 
forget the times we had. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Ja, Ry-I luv u guys. 


Keilyann Jeffries 

1 1 Duck Lane 
Through dangers untold and 
hardships unnumbered. ..Times of 
transition are always 
magic. ..SI<ankin'+Bicl<fords,Vtennis- 
Baramu, Musquishi.Britan.Naz farm 
crew... Some people come in to our 
lives and quickly go, some stay for a 
while and leave footprints on out 
hearts.and we are never.ever the 
same. ..To all who have left footprints 
- 1 will never forget you. 

Thomas Benjamin 

Ciudad, Thomas, Hole 
5 Crooked Meadow 
I would like all future generations to 
know that man's greatest downfall is 
his ignorance. I learned at HHS that 
this ignorance is created and 
enhanced by the faults of our 
system. It is based on keeping its 
people in the dark. Anyone who 
speaks up will be silenced. Let us 
not forget Onwell's 1984 . We must 
fight it. 

Nathan Jollin 

86 Pleasant Street 
I'm So glad I'm leavin'. The memo- 
ries are good, 2nd Generation SHP., 
Jail, Skippin' classes, Freshman, 
Sophomore, Junior & Best of all 
SENIOR PRANKS!! Kress Park. 
FABULOUS 5 still Alive! The only 
thing I really learned in H.H.S. is how 
stupid & pathetic some people can 
be. Ever notice how the summer 
time is the best time of high school. 
5 ft. of fun!! 

Kerri Ann Jones 

Ker, Jonesy 
48 Wompatuck Road 
"We all had a thing or 2 to learn." 
Alanis 962The Crew-JBKCEFJLMM 
JMJSAW-UGuys are the bestllLuvU 
alllMBCBJC- You've stood by me thri 
it all143AAF.Marisa-a bond no one 
will ever break-BF.OOPSIFIorida 
Blue RD"Oh what a nite" 8/28/96 
WashrtossrGTWDS T&DLuvUGuys 
M&D ThankYou 143"To every end 
comes a new beginning. "9/1 4/96 

Erica Jane Keiley 

Eri, Balks, Skinny 
1 1 Palmers Lane 
"Put on my best Sunday dress and 
walk straight into this mess of mine.' 
Courtney,Dan,and Greg. 
Kel'shouse. CMLC:Thanks for yr 
words of wisdom. "There is nothing I 
can say that I haven't thought before" 
Mr.Mojo Risin:You rule! 

Kristin Marie Klier 

3 County Lane 
Even the best of friends can't always 
be together but the memories we 
shared will last forever-Posse your 
the BF ever we stuck together united 
4895 Rec,Caymans-Don't say... drive 
by LN gate-Buffet Ecto Gs WYBWM 
Thanx Donk Tank Heath Luv U guys. 
Dean-YMI-Luv u always thanx Mom, 
Dad, Lau, Lin, C-ya my bus is here! 

Samuel Kopper 


22 High Street 

IVIichael Kutsch 

21 Martin's Lane 
"Imagination is the key to life. The 
rest is painted with a little science 
fiction."-Jimi H. -Ftball 95/96 Great 
Woods (which night) Russ' Lair JJ's 
Benders KM-WHY ME? MC-Tim & 
Sheely's JM+DM- "Did you just throw 
that out the window?"PS-"eat the fry 
pete" TC-she knows (saps at study 
93) RC-keep it going Jule-I've never 
met someone as special as you. ILY- 
Peace I'm out! 


Tien Van Lam 

119 Lazell street 
The trip through Hingham High was 
an interesting experience. Good 
Luck, Classmates! 

Andrew J. Lane 

Andy, Getta, Get a Grip 
188 Lazell Street 
Thanks to all my friends and family 
for the best four years of my life. 
LP, CU, JN, SW, EM, WC-Summer 
96-Best summer ever. Hardcorps 
and surfing rules everything else is 
Okay. The harbor, violating and 
NASCAR. Soccer94 Finals. 
Aerosmith New Years, Virginia95. 
Good Luck Class of 97. It was fun. 

David Thomas Langiil 

36 Fairview Street 
Thanks to all the people who helped 
me out during my stay here-Dolphins 
forever-Good job for those who 
helped during the food fights-KF- 
and Jay thanks for the BLS stuff hee 
hee-To the rest of my bubs, you are 
all the coolest-Football team it was 
really great- Mom & Dad thanks so 
much- Now my quote "A CHAMP is 
someone who gets up even when 
they can't!!" 

Dale A. Larracey 

24 Butler Road 
Ellen we made it. Kelly, Erica & Jen 
friends now & forever. NH95, NH96, 
Kel's house96, the Paradise & NY 
eve96. Mike, Dan & Greg friends: 
Rainsford Dan's house & FBio. Tom 
we've been through a lot. Thanks for 
being here. I love you. 10 Field trip 
Jr. Prom. We've had fun. You guys 
mean a lot to me! Friends forever. 
Mom, Dad, Michael & Kenny I love 

Charles Lawton 


270 Gardner Street 
Always stand by your friends, but 
always be ready to stand on your 
own. Thanx to the FAB5: MW DB NJ 
JCKeep in touch. Kress, Pilgrim, the 
shed, dumps, pits & Bakers. Summer 
94-96, Cashmere, Standard Pride. 
Thanx LD for being there. Great 
appreciation to my mom and dad. 
Good luck John! Cya HHS! 

Courtney K. Leary 

32 Govenor Long Road 
To the future, "Where the eye sees 
the world as one vast plain and one 
boundless reach of sky." Remember 
QE 1 & 2, Hatshepsut, pchs n crm, 
DW. KG: (PPR) Your'e a true friend. 
Jeel: Go, gotta move. EK: attack 
hball. CW, CC, DN E study, RM's 
baby... Thanks Mom, Dad, CKMMW. 
Love you... Good Luck class of '97 
"...some things are never completed; 
you just leave off..." 

John Leary 


48 School Street 

Jill Elizabeth Lennon 

Jillybean, a Jilly, Lemon 
10 Juniper Road 
"Memories are treasured, more 
valued than gold.They're guarded 
cautiously,never to be sold." Mom, 
Dad Thanks. JCAerosmith Chiminey 
JCMM KJwelcome home 2nd BBC 
JCJBMM Confused 4th 94-95 2 my 
Friends good luck SSMMJMKJCCKS 
MBMS Jules it's been fun-Chase, 
quest, SM flashinglts, 2Rdlts, down- 
home, SCSTW,pimpoo,Bush-Crutch, 
3musketeers always JMKS. 


Zackary Michael Lesko 

Zack, or occasionally "LB." 
37 Eldridge Court 
Words alone cannot express my 
enthusiasm towards finally getting 
out of this place. Whoever said these 
are the best years of our lives was 
either lying or incompetent. I 
certainly hope my future will be 
successful, and thanks to all who 
voted for me. Seriously, though, 
what about best car? The phrase 
simply was not meant to describe an 
American vehicle. 

Jonathan Lewando 

6 Wanders Drive 

Stephen Joseph Lincoln 

Dutch, Links 
5 Ringbolt Road 
"What did you say? I can't hear you, I 
just saw rage!" "Nin, Crow, Nin, 
Crow" "Don't throw the kernals!" 
Thanks to my parents, Mike, Bob, 
and the rest of my friends. These 
four years have been great. Thanks, 
MF, BS, BW, JB, BM, SN, JL, BG. 
"Everyone I know, goes away in the 

Meghan Londergan 

317 Rockland Street 
The die is cast. X-Files The truth is 
out there! Over the years the work 
put in always achieves goals. The 
sunset and sunrise are always so 
beautiful. The people in the class of 
'97 Congratulations in graduating 
and I wish the best for you. Let the 
wind take you wherever you go and 
allow a period of relaxation in your 
life! Enjoy life, it's not a rehearsal. 

Jamien E. Maclntyre 

Jamie, J, Reba, Macabear 
670 Main Street 
"What lies behind us and what lies 
before us are tiny matters compared 
to what lies within us." -BB.MC, 
MF,LR,KS,HY..."lt was but yesterday 
we met in a dream. "Thanx: The 
BEARS esp. MM, DM. KM, KM, 
Rachel U were always there 4 me. 
Deeps, Cancun, SkiTrips, Gr.W,22... 
So many memories so little space. 
ILYmom,dad,stu,pete. GL class 97. 

Melissa MacMurray 

Mel-Mac, Lissa 
41 Woodlock Road 
When things don't seem 
their brightest, 
may it help to keep in mind 
That you're thought about by others 
who are hoping you will find 
more strength with each tomorrow, 
new joy to light your way. 
And feelings of contentment 
In the blessing of each day. 
Good Luck and Thanks to everyone! 



^Br ^^ 






MJ^^^^^-f j^HH^ 





^4k m 




Julie Anne Manchester 

27 Liberty Pole Road 
"Let the world know you as you are 
not as you think you should be." To 
my friends, thanx for the memories. 
3 Musketeers R4EVER-JL&KS 
"Wicked Bad" CC Homecoming95 - 
MM's dinger-NC-GARAGE SC- 
STTW-The Quest-Pimpoo-GD-9-9- 
94 Chickie Baby luv you always. BG 
Canobie-Boob, BM,JP, JS&SM 
TwinJC-M6 Jilly-its been a blast. 
Mom&Dad, thanx for everything. 

Kevin Andrew Mancini 

Kev, Kevy 
34 Scotland Street 
DmPiPaperFhJesslDidlt ILoveYou! 
MomDadSamJeff Pups Thanx A lot 


Anthony Marcella 

15 Williams Street 
"As I look back on all the great times, 
I'm thankful for all the people I've met 
& friends I have made" Thanx to all 
my friends-Sully.Hawk, Matt, Mark, 
Jack, Carls, Dana,Tweety, Winslow, 
Murph, PI,CD, Falletti-gang, T.T.G. 
Dump, Wrlds.End,Hockey97, Lax- 
Brawls Grt. wd5, Paddy Wagon 
ride, Cape, Loftdays, Suds,Buffett96, 
?Tailgate, Sum96 B-Boys all my 
thanks to Lora.Mom&Dadi 

Tavares Marsh 

17 Cookson Terrace, Boston 
It began so quickly and ended so 
swiftly there was no in between as so 
it seemed as I gleamed at my past all 
things cannot last and at last I have 
past high school it went fast. To CB 
and NB it's got ta end. To Jim 5.0 & 
944 it's on Ta BH miss teddy much 
love ta KT, KB, WH, JM, KM, SR, 
RL, TC and RJ and much thanks ta 
everyone ta sexy 4 ever and PH. 

Nick Mazurek 

34 Volusia Road 
See ya to the class of 97. To every- 
one in L4 you know who you are. 
Room 221 wall of fame Freak at AB- 
BAS Deeznuts riding at the Dump. 
Four wheeling at miles standish 
AYcers You lost your exhaust traces 
95 Deeznuts renthal are jank Rhode 
Island 96 E-street Benders Fahies 
house the Golf course rubing is 
racing Hawk Freak riping Berluchi 
That's all, that's all there ever will be. 

James Michael McDonough 

Jimmy, Mac, Shim 
1 Huckleberry Hill 
"The worst thing in life is wasted 
talent. "Thanks for the memories CP, 
Speical thanks to DM, KM, MC We 
have had a lot of a good times and 
I'm sure we will have many more. 
Cara thank you for everything. You 
are my best friend, we have been 
through a lot together and it can only 
get better, besides it can't rain all the 
time. I love you. 12/4/92. 

Bruce McEnany 

1 Bradley Woods Drive 

Allison Mclver 

1 Amber Road 
"Elysium is as far as to/The very 
nearest room,/lf in that room a friend 
await/Felicity or doom./What fortitude 
the sould contains,/That it can so 
endure/The accent of a coming foot,/ 
The opening of a door!"-Ed 
NKIK Keep the team going! 
Lollapalooza 95 White Water Rafting 
CSG Barnstable LM team sleepover 
Pool BDRA. 

Brian McViney 

5 Robin Lane 
"What we anticipate seldom occurs; 
what we least expected generally 
happens"-Benjamin Disraeli: Thanks 
Mom and Dad Todd and Craig 
thanks to all my friends Euro 96, 
10/27/95, LeonE 4:3. 

Megan Mclaughlin 

Slick, Shortie, Mclaughlin 
10 Richard Road 
"Friends Forever" LB ES LC KK LM 
'95" Thanx Mom,Dad&Conor "NY 
Trip" JimmyBuffet "Woodstock" Lax 
Field Hockey "Crest" "simply the 
best" Homecoming '95&'96 "I'm outa 
Here" LBBF's 85-97 chistler "Senior 
Yr. was the best keep in touch 
everyone" MB'82 "Pilgrim" RW 
"NazFarm" "I love HHS like Nobody's 
business ya right." 


Mark J. Melanson 

167 Old Derby Street 
Life's a Journey not a destination & I 
just can't tell just what tomorrow 
Murph Freak Antha-Bears-Gova 
Tweety Porta-FletGang-esp-JM-HY 
Dmp93-97 Deca-JrPrm96 
Montreal97 Beastie Boys EricC Alws 
thax34 MOM & DAD I made it The 
Gang-2left thnx MrL u opnd alot-thnx 
ROD...Nothing cold can stay R.Frost. 

Erik Mellen 

182 North Street 
"Imagination is more important than 
knowledge." - Einstein I want to 
thank all my teachers and friends 
who supported me. Good Luck in 
college; KB JS SL Zl SN BG CU DS 

Dana Miller 

5 Evergreen Lane 
"You have to go through hell before 
you can get to Heaven" - Steve Miller 
And we still have a long way to go. 
But, it's been fun! mems.World's End 
Eat at Joe's 95 Battle CDH Bridge 
great Woods M22 Jeeps rule! Thanx 
4x4 JW AM AC And thankx to my 
family for everything. 

Robert Monaco 


34 Fotler Road 
"I change by not changin at air'Ev 
heat.canobie trip.JM JS.Butch.Peppe 
Rs,Miller,Fenders+rat,BBC,Fri Nights 
zooted.Shea's Ride.conservatory.H- 
Square.Flat Tire.Chevy's RulelSilva's 
class.Frank Rizzo.edna.Lucille, 
edson's Garage.Kate.Thank you for 
being there. 8/16/96 ,JP ,BM, MG, 
I'm out. Later 6797 

Kellee A. Montgomery 

Kel Rookie Kreby Von Yiddish 
4 Dunkeld Street 
I've been waiting for this moment for 
years & now I can say it's here! With- 
out GOD & my mommy I wouldn't be 
where I am today. To all mis amigos: 
To my top aces : Whil, Trina, and T- 
you three kept me sane during high 

Stephanie Rose Monticone 

3 Stone Gate Lane 
"Our memories will last a lifetime, 
we'll take the best, forget the rest, 
and someday find these are the best 
of times." Summer '96, the map, LH- 
Tomato Sauce, Florida? ccc, Julie's 
medicine, HD&B, Brick oven, Florida 
'97, JT-FF, MH-second door on the 
left, NF-BFFAL! We tend to get a 
little crazy. Mom and Dad, I couldn't 
have done it without you. 

Kevin T. Mullen 

241 East Street 
Some day we'll look back and laugh. 
"Glory Days" HHS Hockey.G.R. High 
5,State Finals Ayerzi Ro Meehan, 
Cuso-almost boys. Carls,Murf,Antha, 
Mark,Sherbs,Ham,see in MarchGood 
Luck-Carls rem. clubs, Grt. Woods, 
Brew,Pits Dump,B.Boys,HC,Deeka 
Tweety,DB Poss Pallet Gang-JM, HY 
Thanks Fam,Ro,Vin Esp Kate Scott 
10/30/93-"Dreams To Remember" 
East. "Live Long and Strong." 

Susan Denise Mullen 

18 Autumn Circle 
MMJNMMLP2yr! CBThanks4the 


Daniel P. Murphy 

6 Willow Circle 
"When I trust myself I fear no one 
else." MCA-B-Boys WOR-CEN95 
Fear the bears- JG-SP-CADTS- 
LOCO.MW Cashmere96 to the girls, 
HY, JM ESP JS Best of luck.Bottoms 
up to Tweety I'll see you on the other 
side. The Dunka Pitts Millbys BBQ 
We PRS Dekas CB23 SITBR Fishin' 
at LP Lunker on boysllAnd Goosey- 
Thanks to Mom + Dad Anyone I 
forgot didn't matter anyways-HASTA! 

Mark V. Murphy 

21 Winthrop Road 
"Have you ever had a dream where 
you're standing on a pyramid in a 
robe, with a thousand naked women 
around you throwing little pickles at 
you? NO. ..Why am I the only one 
who has that dream? Stick to the 
fight when you're hardest hit. THA 
Just a god! 


Elizabeth Murray 

34 Highvlew Drive 
It's fine to want to look attractive. But 
it feels best when you do what 
seems natural, not phony, and when 
you start, not from a position of self- 
hate and insecurity, but from one of 
self-love and acceptance. Thank you 
so much Bob and Ginny. How did I 
get so lucky? I love you! 

Devon Neary 


47 North Street 
ingSAWGIimol 6TonightsTheNightSC 
HowToPartyFYMFnye4of JWWI PRrum 
N1 DanceHBEIIenKristinLizKelDsMEDB 

Seth Heber Nielsen 

Seth-Dog; Thirteee-tooo 
lOCamelot Drive 
We all make mistakes, but we regret 
the opportunities we never took and 
the choices we never thought about. 
Like Mr. Dirk says, "Ya wanna play 
ya gotta pay!" 

Notable quotes: "The problem is 
you're thinking time is linear" ; 
"Welcome to Burger King, can I help 
you" ; "I'm not talking too slow you're 
thinking too fast." 

Timothy O'Connor 

6 Bucket Mill Lane 

Kristin O'Hara 

50 Liberty Pole Road 
The Boat Shooters Fleet-Woods BH 
#1Seabrooke The Cape "Call Me the 
Breeze Cause I'm Going South- 
bound" HM 3-10 DN-truckin in the 
aries, sipping SA's LG-table #1 1 CO- 
C.Calls, Pay Phone KG-DYNOMITE 
ED-The Bad Influence, canoeing 
"Taking it to the streets in cheap sun- 
glasses while reeling in the years" B- 
crew Thanx M,D,A,C,s.b.j. "Your still 
damn good no ones gotten to U yet" 

Adriana M. Oliviero 

Ana, Oliv 
9 Pioneer Road 
"Look to this day-For it is life, the 
very life of life, for yesterday is 
already a dream and tomorrow is a 
only a vision; But today, well lived 
makes every yesterday a dream of 
happiness, and every tomorrow a 
vision of hope." Thanx to my family. 
Uncle George-you have been like a 
father to me, thx 4 being there ILY! 
Dad-always missing U, Mort-THX4E! 


Jeff Paul 

Jeff, Half Pint 

25 Butler Road 
Be True To yourself and you will 
never fall-Beasties, HOP, CYPRESS 
Thank to the CRew and all my 
friends you know you know who you 
are. CB, NB.JC, Keep it Real 

Christopher Ryan Petrie 

6 Liberty Road 
"Everybody likes and respects self- 
made men," Thanks to all of my 
friends throughout the years. ESP, 
Jane,Bob,Gramps, Love you. Junior, 
I couldn't have done it w/out you. 
HHS V-Hockey 93-97. V-Baseball 
94-97. Worlds End-Firecrackers. 
Live,Buffet,Van Halen,Miller's house 
& Wilcox's house, Kev's basement, 
Frog back in the day, stickball, CGC, 
Good Luck Class of 1997. 

Michael Piatt 

Mike, Platypus 

68 School Street 
"Do All You Want Do All You Can 
Break All The Rules Go To Hell With 
Superman and Die Like A Cham- 
pion." Thanks To All My Friends. 
Thanks To All My Family Platts and 
Prestons. Big Thanks to Mom. Skate, 

Sarah Reddish 

3306 Tuckers Lane 
"The bus came by and I got on. 
That's when it all began. "-J. Garcia... 
WindShieldWipers,the great pumpkin 
walk, latenite twosteps w/soto, 
"badda-bing," Great Woods esp. J. P. 
surfboards SHARPSHOOTER the 
lair.lax '94-BB, picnics & lighterboy, 
Jr. Prom, "hells ya", breakfast club, 
dinner & a movie, ILY Mom Chris 
Mike. .."Ten miles behind me and ten 
thousand more to go."-J. Taylor. 

Stephen Byron Reid 

25 Smith Road 
Let the music flow let our minds 
grow. Take control of all that is old. 
Now we stand together as 1 , our 
lives have now just begun. Let's go 
4th and change the world! Thanx2 
God4showing me the way. 1 1uv2 
Mom,Dad,&Jenn. Trace: JTKBJJNM 
RF Boyz4Life, sac Dog OP Pond! St. 
PSKBKMWH ect."TV+2PAC""Ride 
on to the real+ death to the fakers" 

Christopher Rioux 

35 Wanders Drive 
"Feel the wind, and set yourself the 
bolder course. Keep your heart as 
open as a shrine and you'll sail the 
perfect line." 

-Bob Seger 
Have a dog// JS;RM...remember all 
the concerts, movies, and Red Sox 
and Celtics games. Good luck to RM, 
DS, JS, MR, and to all. Thanks Mom 
and Dad for everything. ..Go Celtics! 

Elizabeth A. Rowe 

Lou (Ropa) Roe 
194 Old Hobart Street 
"A smile is how a friendship begins - 
A memory is how it lasts." Bestest of 
friends Bb Mc Mf Jm Ks Hy & Sr Al 
Pc "Enjoy the present in such a way 
not to injure the future" Deeps Lax94 
BB Bears ABCCTCCancun Brazis 
Great Woods "The mother ship has 
landed" MIKEY 29 riddlers dump T in 
Tom's toe "I can see u" Old ManD 
Mom, Dad, Aub, Sue, Kev, Shell LU 

John Rowe 

66 Hobart St. 


Michael H. Ryan 

Mickey, Mike 
9 Volunteer Road 
Ski team, Scouts, Street Hockey, 
Iron Core "That's Gonna Leave a 
Mark" Simpsons Here's to you guys, 
you all Rock JH, KK, DH, BW, JB, 
MH, JH, TO, RK, CR, BS & DL 
Thanks to the RR teachers and 
aides. Johnson thanks for having a 
class to look forward to. Love to 
Mom, Dad, and Michelle. 

Elizabeth M. Santoro 

7 Pleasant Street 
"But then came the day i climbed out 
of these safe limbs, ventured away, 
walking tall, head high up and 
singing, i went to the city..." -DMB 
Late night 2-stepping Soto & MB 
Follow that Jeep m&m's? 70's night 
BeanFeast Charles! it's just an 
excuse JUMP BACK! Breakfast song 
(omj) Badda-bing We're done! We're 
done! "I just gotta strut."-JT 

Heather M. Saylor 

Stinx, Stinky 
84 Leavitt Street 
1 moment in time is a lifetime of 
memories:lax, FH, Gt woods, Stowe, 
World End, ES:Cayman, HA, frosh 
Bush, sneekout,didi-YTB,LC,KK,KC 
=PIE, LN, movies, desk, 4/8-we tried! 
BG:6/21/96 close call, JJ & SB- 
cookies & brownies, JD-butt Jpranks 
-MK&MW-We R Fruit&Cake,MW,NH, 
Good luck SS&PH (DINKS) Thanx 
Mom,Dad,Elena,Rick,Jim-l love you. 

Alexander Jose Scerbo 


100 Thistle Patch Way 
"Eat, drink, and be merry" Dave 
Mathews,HHS Hockey '95-'96 Freak, 
BG, Hawk,CZ,HHS soccer '96-Geta, 
CZ,JJ?E-Period '95, M&M's, Spanish 
Class-Freak, Pat, 4 years, Getty, Gr. 
Woods,\/-Ball Central, Thanks for the 
memories KZ? Thanks to all my 
friends,you know who you are,Thanx 
to Lucky-Crow Point, my back hurts, 
I'm hungry. Thanks to Mom&Dad, 
Rich, Andy, Misty, well see-ya. 

Mark Schomer 

Bealzekor the Despoiler of Earth 

58 Tower Road 
"Cuz your mornings will be brighter, 
break the line and tear up the rules, 
make the most of a million times no." 
-BAUHAUS As I attempt to block out 
one portion of my life, I look fonward 
to a new beginning. Thanks to my 
family and friends. INSTEP, Mike, 
Bumbles, and Jacky-Camping trips 
with the Rat Pack, the long walk, 
hanging out in our own "Pit"-CYa 

Robert Seaman 

85 Pleasant Street 
To:So/Os I wonder what will never 
ever become of the CB deal. An 
hopefully see you at NE. To KF and 
KF sorry about the French thing to 
SE congratulations whenever it is I 
expect to be invited. MR 
"Wheredagettherice?" CB You need 
more parties, can actually make it to 
to RS-I'm still in love with you. Have 
a great time out there. 

Jennifer Seremetis 

Midge, Metis, ChaChaCha 
10 Park Circle 
"I have no concept of time other than 
it is flying."- Alanis 
Canobie Lake SM Homecoming 95 
MM Jr. Prom AW Homecoming 96? 
All Stars JC Citrus Bowl "Pillow 
Barrier" NB BBC Balcony Red Sox 
Games "Smell You Later!" NC EF KJ 
Be good Wojo (UknowWhatlMean) 

30 Summit Drive 
Thank you Mom and Dad for being 
there for me through these tough 
years. D.H. I love you, and thanks for 
putting up with me. J.H., J.H., K.M., 
N.R., you will always be with me! We 
have been through a lot but we 
made it! Mr. Crowley thank you for 
everything you have done for me. 
Jeremy, Jordan and Jason I love you 
guys! J.C. keep up the awesome 


Russell Lincoln Shute 

427 Gardner Street 
Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow What 
You Can do the DAY After. 
It was fun Jollin's, The Shed, Kress, 
and Shows with KC LI AM GB 
I stood and looked out into the world 
now I step out. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all the 
help, I needed it. Also thanks Phil for 
the Advice and the Good Times. 

^^^^P' ^^9^^^ « 




J^^^^V'h ,^^^^^^^1 

- ,vH*: .'=^ 

Meghan Eileen Smerlgiio 

Meg, Shmegs 
42 Abington Street 
"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their 
dreams." E.R. "Take charge of your 
attitude. Don't let someone else 
choose it for you."-H.B. Aero, REM, 
LP'95, HORDE'96,Hull-statey,WB, 
HH, pool, H.Sq., Paradise, Bees 
Bash. C&J. "Hey,Hey"-WHKS- 
Summer '96 was great! JR,RG,SC, 
AM-I'll never forget you. Mom, Dad, 
and Kristen - 1 love you. 

Daniel Joseph Singleton 

237 Hersey Street 
I can't believe that we would lie in 
our graves wondering if we had 
spent our living days dreaming of 
things we might have been. We had 
some fun BS, BS, never forget 
David: JK, KR, JC What's the name 
of that street, NC are we there yet?, 
Wana go Bowlin, The goof troop, Big 
Al has his belt off, the pick stick. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Heidi, couldn't 
have done it without you. 

Nicholas Skrine 

Nick Skrinomlte, Skrinocerous 
105 East Street 
Do you know what is really twisted? 
How gradually and relentlessly time 
has progressed, while everyone is 
completely oblivious to it. What is the 
airspeed velocity of a swallow laden 
with a coconut? Thanks to my 
parents especially, and my teachers. 
The 10 year reunion is going to be 

Julie Slodden 

42 Lincoln Street 
"You can pull through,whatever tears 
at us, whatever holds us down and if 
nothing can be done we will make 
the best of what's around"DMBThanx 
4the good times:GC,BB,NS,AS,HY, 
DM.BB-Cosmo Yorka-We have been 
through it all.BB,HY&JW-Ket.Sis.GC 
"You and me have a better time than 
most can dream of "-NYC,YS, Brx, 
MJ,Wompy,Fall, BDLR, STJ, 7/11/ 

Kristin Elizabeth Spriano 

12 Lazell Street 
"Good friends are hard to find, hard 
to leave, and impossible to forget." 
BB, MC, MF, AL, JM, LR, HY: The 
bestest friends. Riddlers, Loon, Iax94 
bb,7-1 9-96locked up, deeps, Cancun 
97, Tea Room, Everlast, Great 
Woods, Brazis Bandits, T in Tom's 
Toe, I'm gonna break your legs, drive 
-bys, 3 Musketeers, Brigs, Dump 
Grew 93-97. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Ricky, and the rest of the fam. ILY. 

Jacquelyn Springer 

41 Old County Road 
"For all those times you stood by me, 
all the truth you made me see, all the 
joy you brought to my life, all the 
wrong you made right, every dream 
you made come true, for all the love I 
found in you, I'll be forever thankful." 
Thanks to my friends who stood by 
me through good and bad (esp. KH) 
Bryan thanks for always being there 
for me. I Love You! 

Peter James Staunton 

Skippy, Skipper 
36 Governor Andrew Road 
"Drinkers and jokers, all soul 
searchers like you and me" DMB 
Thanx TC, RC, PD, CH, MW, AS, 
Victor. The times at Bagel, Great 
Woods, World's End. Team Stick 
Bib= We can ride it out? RAGE! 
Russ' house, July 4, 70's, 64 OE, 
Lax #20, Vball, Tommy Boy/Friday, 
Remi, Syd, MK= Cut it out! Getty, 
RC= You take it! Thanx to my 
parents, Kate & Josh, See ya-Skip 


Emily Susan Stearns 

192 Prospect Street 
Friends: what u think u have, until u 
happen to be badly in need of just 
one. Mike, thank u for being the one. 
Heather-we've been thru it all! Fr. 
Bash, HI, Cayman, Stowe, CC!-#2 
FH, LAX DiDi--PD, JD, LC, Meg, CH, 
PS-Good Luck! Mom, Dad, Lyndy, 
Derek- Thank U so much for 
everything, I couldn't have done it 
w/o u. Of course thanks to "camp" 
words can't describe. Luv u all! I WIN 

Jamie Stone 

35 Wanders Drive 
"If I am not for myself then who will 
be for me, and if I am only for myself 
then what am I? And if not now 

Remember all those Sox games, 
shows and good times... Thanks to 
all who helped me through the years. 
-"Keep on truckin"'-J. Garcia 

Steve Tardanico 

1 1 Harvard Drive 
"The fear of the lord is the beginning 
of wisdom." Psim 111:10. Thanks 
Mom and Dad. Thanks Jim and 
Jenny and all the rest. "Hanka for a " 
Tierney Jr. year!! "Bees knees?" 
Julie and Jen. Good luck B-ball! My 
second family take care! Paul good 
luck!! To the 4 yrs "Hump" Miss ya 
Al DP TM. 

Karen Thomae 

2 Rocky Run 
Thanks AO, JH; SL, AW, JS, KJ. 
ZIMA Night, GAP cap boy, Dec 95, 
"Y", NH (sorry AW), mi casa su casa- 
TA, MM, MBFH, Wompatuck , late 
night bike rides, clicker, "Walk, 
walk,walk", Movies Excuses, 100 
100's, I miss you G, BR "I wish you 
were here", ankle eater, slat-B, 
bagels, E period meow- SR/KJ, 
scarry Larry, 60 miles. Bakers H, 
Sandy B. 

Jason Tliorell 

Jay, Jay Jay 
21 Thomson Avenue 
"I swing big, with everything I've got. 
I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as 
big as I can. "-Babe Ruth, Teddy S., 
Coach P.- attitude?, the Big Kahuna, 
AB, DK, DR, BL, ST, TV-BFL, thanks 
to the family-Mom, Dad, Jenny, 
Mark, Peaches and Toby, "Keep 
your head up; act like a champion." 
-Paul "Bear" Bryant. 

Thomas J. Tobin 

Tom Tobs Peppermintstick 
1 7 Hemlock Road 
74 Valiant-stealth Greg Dan Kelly 
Erica FRIENDS Dale Thank you so 
much I love you outwardbound sum. 
95 Party at Kels+Dans logr Feild Trip 
Party on Rainsford Thanks Mr. 
Johnson Mrs. Silva's L4 Thanks Doc 

"What me Speed, Never" ya 

Jon M. Tower 

Tower, The Rock, Soberboy 
32R Bailey's Causeway 
"I'm a million miles away, and at the 
same time I'm right here in your 
picture frame"-Jimi 
It's been a hell of a trip! To all my 
friends: Thanks, its been fun! To 
anyone who didn't know me: too bad, 
your loss! I'll be seeing you again! 


Cliristopher J. Unick 

243 North Street 
"Our lives count for nothing before 
the fact of the revolution."-CHE 
Good times: VA '95, Matthews, GA 
'95,Thanks to those who made 96-97 
fun: AL, LP, SW, EM, WC, and Jess. 
You were always there for me and I'll 
never forget you. Comrades: BG, 
NS, DB, you always question the 
answers. EZLN, LP, MAJ, RATM, 
ECG-Thanks for the inspiration. 
BMOA Thanks Mom. 


Zack Wadleigh 

168 Lazell street 
"Be true to yourself and you will 
never fall" Beastie Boys, MW 
remember the times; the shed CL, 
JD, BC, MW Kress Field, The Party 
Animals, New Years, The Pitts, New 
Hampshire, CE Dumpa, Pilgrim Britts 
on SN, DB Cashmere KT, HHS 
Football, Learnt alot in 4 yrs. but 
most important was most obvious 
thanks fam and all my friends for 

Terrence Quigg Wallace 

26 Bel Air Road 
"Each is given a bag of tools a 
shapeless mass and a book of rules 
And each must make ere life is flown 
a stumbling block or a stepping 
stone" 10/27/95 N03 4:3 Euro96 "He 
was a Security Guard" Matthews, 
HORDE, Broken Seat Hoops Links 
Tourney Time Sneaky Peaky LeonE 
Finals Bash Pile in Thanks Dad, 
Mom, Spence, TAPS, Thanks to all 
my true friends. Good luck y'all. 

TaWonia Jol Watkins 

Sweetwater, Taz 
20 Ormond Street, Boston 
"Don't just pretend that you love 
others: really love them. Hate what Is 
wrong. Stand on the side of good." 
Kenny J., Love Ya Boo. ..To my 
family thank you for loving me and 
giving me all of your support. I LOVE 
YOU!! To RCG I LOVE YOU!! To the 
Class of '97, We're out of here. WH, 
AL, JAH, TP, DT; I'll miss you... 

Elizabeth Mary Webster 


4 Codman Road 
My moto is "sail fast live slow" 

Drama musicals. New York, AFS 

short term exchanges, lunch, SADD 

with Ellen. Thanx Owen for all the 

advice. Thanx to all my friends for a 

wicked good time! NY was fun, 

Boston College football. Thanx Mom 

& Dad for everything and making me 

stick this out, it was a long 4 hard 

years AFS short term exchanges 

were all a blast! 

Carrie E. Wechsler 

64 Bradley Hill Road 
Press on. ..Nothing in the world can 
take the place of persistance. Talent 
will not; nothing is more common 
than unsuccessful men with talent. 
Genius will not; unrewarded genius 
is almost a proverb. Education alone 
will not; the world is full of educated 
derelicts. Persistance and 
Determiniation alone are omnipotent. 
-Calvin Coolidge 

Mike Welch 

Welcha, Mikey, Macaroni 
44 Leavitt Street 
"Do what you will always, walk where 
you like, your steps, do as you 
please. I'll back you up. "Thanks Bib, 
Skip, Ski, Meggy, PD, Stinky, 
Lauren, 96-97 Lax, Jules. Thanx 95 
Horde, ABCC, Victor, LR, JM, HY, 
Clem, Nev&Ben. Emily you r my best 
friend and more, I'll love you always. 
Thanx to MATTHEWS, Critter, Dick, 
Mom, Pasty&Bandit. In the long run 
you only hit what you aim at. Song 9 

Robert Ryan Wessen 

Bob, Bob-0, T.I.T., NyQuil 
22 Scotland 
We are all bits + pieces accumulated 
as we live. We become an ultimate 
culmination of the people we meet, 
the things we learn + the emotion we 
feel. Therefore I thank you all, the 
good + the bad, because you made 
me what I am today. Special people 
Section: My family. Instep, Bass 
Solidarity, CoFounder Drama Dodge 
Ball, 14 Main, The Ponds, CD Runs! 

Rebecca Lynn Wetzel 


3 Butternut Lane 
"I always knew looking back at the 

tears would make me laugh, I never 

thought looking back at the laughter 

would make me cry" Jr. Prom, Great 

Woods, Road "Trips","We Good to 

Go?" "Yeah, Let's Jet", "Doobage", 

Jetta! "I'm Fine!" "Dude you don't 

understand" Thanks for the good 

times: SB, MB, AW, RC, DE, JB, SR 

"You can make them hear, but you 

can't force them to listen" 


Jessica Whalen 

20 Presidents Road 
To my friends, Sarah, Christine, 
Meg, in NYC, Eliza in MT, Anne in 
FL, Trip Mark, Paul, Scott in CT, 
Tom in Rl, Joe esp. Tam W. from 
MCA... Smith Hall Days (Tara, Tay, 
Jen) My family, Minnie Love you All! 
You are priceless. Mr. Boddie, Thank 
you. To the entire idea of gym, as 
being mandatory, lets get our 
priorities straight and stop wasting 
people's time. 

Megan Williams 

Megs, Meggie 

33 East Street 
"Don't walk ahead of me, I may not 
follow. Don't walk behind me, I may 
not lead. Just walk beside me and 
be my friend." Great Woods. The 
Strand Turkey Hill ABCC Stowe 
Beeb C.C. Hangin' at Getty Coffee 
Russ's "Turns out not where but who 
you're with that really matters. "-DMB 
Dad, Mom, Lin, Moll, Whit, Gav-I 
love you guys. You're the best. You 
rule HHS '971! 

Jonathan Winslow 

248 South Street 
"In this great future we can't forget 
Our Past" Kutch Pass the salt C.B. 
TAG Bet I can hit 80 TTG Lives DM, 
AM, AC, PI, MC, MM Antha Looks a 
little close in the rearview Wompi 
little people on bikes? What Chain? 
BK Hyannis Snowday donutsi Bagel 
Run Hill & Liz Chopper, "My feet is 
my only carriage so I must push on 

Hey Brandi, I love you. 

Amy Partridge Wojtasinski 

16 Daley Road 
"Re-establish friendships that once 
were lost" KT, KJ, CC, CD, CB, SE, 
BW, KC Junior Prom Party CC-tub- 
trampoline JS "I can relate" "eat" CB 
thanks for the support. KT, KJ, JC 
93-96 Point Sebago never boring 
Frosh & Sophomore years were 
great. "I'm in the trunk" KJ+KT+the 
senior guys. Thanks Greg you've 
always been there. I love ya. KT.I will 
always remember our good times. 

Hilary Michelle York 

26 Aberdeen Road 
"Learn as if you were to live 4ever 
Live as if you were to die tomorrow." 
Thanks for the memories:BB GC MC 
MF JM LOU JS KS The Bears esp: 
"Turns out not where, but who you're 
w/that really matters"-DMB. Deeps 
Dika: Gwen-Dump Crew, K-sis-JW, 
Bean Town, Bagel Shop, GR.W., 
Loon, TBC, Tea Rm.Riddlers, GL-EF 
Thanks: Mom Dad Lyss John GL-97. 

Corey Zahner 

154 Main Street 


Rise & Shine 

...a day in the life... 

6 '05 Rise and 

shine! After 15 minutes 
of hittitig the snooze 
button, we finally need 
to get out of bed and 
start the day. 


midmoming class gets 
underway with Nathan 
taking control. 

O I XU Meghan and 

Sarah keep us on track 
with the daily an- 
nouncements on 

What's youl « 


How much time dc! ii 

"Homework I 



What didyou 

"I had re] 

10:52 While most 

find this a suitable time 
for breakfast, those 
with first lunch prepare 
their stomachs for this 
delectable, high-fat 

/orite part of the day? 


a spend on homework? ^ 

vVhat homework?" -Hilary Y. 

the first thing you do in the morning? 

the crusties out of my eyes." -Jim M. 

i'ter school yesterday? 

rsal for Anything Goes, " 

12:18 After a 

good lunch many 
students, such as Liz 
and Alex, find F period 
a perfect time for an 
afternoon siesta. 

1:52 The bell 

signals the end of school 
as students rush to their 
lockers before heading 
to their afterschool 

d:.Z'd Brian 

wonders if he will 
ever finish his 
homework while 
studying at the 

Jt : U^ Time for 

extra help. While 
Pat gets advice from 
Dr. Finnegan, many 
athletes use this time 
practicing with their 
HHS team. 



Rising Stars... 

pandex-clad, spikey-haired, He-Man-playing, Webster- 
watching, denim-wearing, friendship-bracelet-buying, 

The Block-hating, 
Michael Jackson-lis- 
The Future-watching 
sence of the eighties, 
the typical eighties 
denim and a stylish 

going. New Kids On 
tening, and Back To 
kids were the es- 
Kerri Jones poses as 
school girl in pink 
bowl cut. A typical 

eighties boy could always be seen stylin in a "wicked cool" denim 
jacket wearing the everpopular headband. We listened to tunes on 
our state-of-the-art boom-boxes while doing the electric slide. Rad! 


hrissy C, Jaimee B., and Katie G. were angels 
even then. 

Liz Murray's bib is 
having more fiin than 
she is. 


efFPaul shows off his buff seventh grade bod. 

i lossom Howes was stylin' even back in the seventh 

feace Out! - Marisa 






1 (^^ 

This is what happens when your parents start to let you dress yoursef - Liz R., 
Heather S., Liz S., Kristin S. 

"|\T'atie Haggerty and 
XNlJcss Jancaitis try to 
look innocent while 
fighting over candy 

Sarah Reddish swears 
she has no idea what 
Kevin Mullen is up to. 

'liff" defines Christmas cheer. 


he sunglasses are cool on Dennis, but Adam & Jim, please leave the makeup to 
the ladies. 

ee, Collin was 
' innocent before Jill. 

Nathan "Elf-Boy" 


Lighting up the town... 

Hingham may not be the most exciting town but at least we 
know how to have fun. There are a number of cool places to 
check out. The Bagel Shop has become a regular hangout 
for students before, during and after school. Whether you're late to 
school or just need a place to chill, the Bagel Shop is always there for 
you. If your in the mood for some food you don't need to go far. At 
Brigham's and Ben and Jerry's many Idds get 'discount' ice cream 
from their friends who work there. Eating out has become a major 
social event. Crow Point Pi22eria, Stars and Chili's are a few of the 
more popular places to get something tasty. If you can only afford 
coffee, try Brewed Awakenings. If you don't mind spending your 
entire college fund on a cup of coffee, try Fire King. If you're desper- 
ate, you can always harrass the employees at 7-1 1 or sit at Getty all 
night or see what's up at World's End. Well, that's Hingham! 


te and Mike W., your average high school bagel 


i! My name is Jim McDonough and this is my 


im D. shows us how easy work at the Fruit Center 
really is. 




Id Navy (aka the Gap)-Hingham fashion at its 


uss lives at Getty on 
the weekends! 


Super Stars... 




arah pretends to be interested in the book when she really only wants to get 
closer to Tom. 





my-"over here!" 

Dan thinks that everyone is laughing at his joke. Sure, we're not laughing at you \ A^^ tzkes time out to flash the camera a smile, 

we're laughing with you. XVX 








^^^^^^K f 

i '" '^ 


1 ^^ f 1 


R^^m ^^"l^^m 

^'/J< r 

# ■ ^ 

r ^ 1 1 




1 ■■ III 

Richard MacLeod - Principal 


Peter Lincoln - Assistant Principal 


Michael Donnell - Assistant Principal 

Gary Baker-Superintendent 

Worid Language 

Jennifer Henrickson 

Michelle Vazquez 

What do you 
do when 
you're not 

things- ski, 

spend time 
with my 
kids. I do 
lead a 

normal life." 




What do you 
think are the 
qualities of a 
from hell?" 

"Male or 



the ages of 


-Ms. Carr 



Marcia Boyer 

Barbara Finnegan 

Susan Luce 

Mary Breen 


James Haviland 

Jackie Marvel 

Donna Savage 

Annmarie Carr 

Fred Jewett 

Anna Rehnquist 

Helaine Silva 

James Kirkcaldy 

Tamara Perelman 

Allison Voelker 



1 ^^^l^^gflHHHH 

Jack Curran 

Iris Gillard 

Nancy Moos 





Edward Schreider 

Steven Swett 

What is your 
most embar 

"Getting out 

of my car 

after a 



wearing my 




What were 

you like in 

high school? 

"I was like I 

am now, 



and not as 





Stephen Baisden 

Douglas HoUey 


Claudia Leone 

Craig Low 

Paul Manganello 


Steven Olson 

Patricia Tierney 

Mark Worden 


Daniel Clune 

Janet Duffy 

Jack Crowley 

Charles Dirk 

What is your 




"I won't 

tell if you 




Paula Ranagan 

Russell Garland 

John Penny 

Richmond Poole 

Lisa Rioles 


What is the 
most memo- 
rable thing 
about the 
class of '97? 


with 20 of 

them to 

Germany & 

Austria when 

they were 


-Dr. Cappers 



Gerald Bliss-Art 

Roger Boddie-Graphic Arts 

Paul Cappers-Chorus 

Jane Hallett-Orchestra 

John Higgins-Drama Maynard Johnson-Ind. Tech. 

Richard Lawrence-Ind. Tech Joseph Ryan-Ind. Tech. 


Doug Wauchope-Band 


William Barges-Ath. Director Dennis Clinton-Phys. Ed. Meredith Gordon-Phys. Ed. 

Jack Kennedy-Phys. Ed. Suzanne Lincoln-Home Ec. Gale Nutter-Home Ec. 

Cathleen Walsh-Home Ec 

What do you 

think are the 

qualities of a 


from hell?" 

possesed by 
the devil." 



What were 
you like in 
high school? 



ing, very 

into the 


search and 





Jane Ellis-Guidance 

Michael Englander 


Nancy Gustafson-Guidance 

Roger McClentic 

Gregory Nevader-Guidance 

Diana Sides 

Roy Smith-Guidance 

Susan Smith-Guidance Intem 

Lawrence Babcock- Head Custodian 

John Garrigan-Special Ed. 

Joan Linnehan-Special Ed. 

Special Staff 


Dcmna Casagrande-Cafeteria Manager Dorothy Galo-Math & Science 


Joan Grimm-Nurse 

Brian Heffernan-Special Ed. 


CamiDa Roundtree-Metco Coordinator Elizabeth Ruggiero-Special Ed. 

P. Schuyler Thaxter-Media 

What did you 

hke about 
high school? 

"School for 
me was the 
best part of 

my life. 

I really 
enjoyed the 




What were 

you like in 

high school? 

"A short 



Susan Bradley 

Karen Hewitt 

Kathleen Campbell 

Anne Leahy 

Camera Shy 

Margaret Brennan 
Andrea Dunlap 
Barbara Johnson 
Sandra Knowlton 
Patricia Muldoon 
Carole O'Connell 

Lisa Paul 
Anne Robinson 
Virginia Roche 
Donna Scampoli 

Donna Conroy 

Judy Mitchell 


Martha Robinson 

Jayne Skinner 

Rose Stratford 


Maria Aiello, Candida Barbuto, Linda Ford, Eleanor Goldsmith, Cataerina lannino, 
Rosemary Shaughnessy, Maria Tavano 

John Callahan, Don Campbell, Gary Colbeck, Ernest Olson, Elizabeth Priestly, 
John Robinson, Roger Wheeler 

What is your 
most embar- 

"Saying to 
a child's 


you must 

be her 







r. Lincoln shows he's willing to sacrifice every 
thing for his students. 


Tt's just another Monday for Baisden and Chucky. 

— Answers— 

1. Mrs. Gustafson 

2. Ms. Gordon 

3. Dr. Lincoln 

4. Mr. Baisden 

5. Mr. Olson 

6. Mr. Low 

7. Mr. Crowley 




auren Smally, Alexis St. James and Maria Tennyson 
^are always concentrating on their music. 


enior Erik Mellen concentrates on playing his 

Cellists Kyle Mellen 
and Britton Lacy 
exhibit perfect form. 

The Messiah concert 
was a great success 
for the HHS orchestra. 



•ith seniors Erik Mellen and Chris Unick as key players, the 
H.H.S. orchestra is making beautiful music this year. They 
have performed in a variety of concerts. A performance at 
the "Village at Duxbury," a large retirement home, was a success this 
year. The senior citizens really enjoyed the Christmas selections and 
the fact that the con- cert was free. Other 

performances include ^^^^^^^^^K^^^M the National Honor 
Society induction cer- ^^^^^Kj^t^^^^M emony and singing at 
"Christmas in the H^^Hg'^fJ^I^I Square." The Or- 
chestra keeps busy pre- ^^^^^... ^^B^^l paring for the 
"All-town "and ^^^^(^1|£2p^^^l "Spring" concerts 
Difficult music in- 
"Eine Kiene Nacht 
William's "Stars Wars 
problem for the tal- 
During an upcoming 
Maryland the HHS 

eluding Mozart's 
Musle" and John 
Theme" are no 
ented musicians, 
trip to Anapolis, 
Orchestra will 

compete against other schools. The Orchestra is known for its 
success in these types of competitions as shown by their gold, 
silver, and bronze medals won in the past. Thus far the Orchestra 
has proved itself capable of continuing its successful legacy. 

- ■ 


■ ^:.^-. :.;:. .,- -r*'^ ■ -^-w^ 


Concert Band 

The Hingham High School band has had yet another exciting 
year. The band, under the direction of Mr .A. Douglas 
Wauchope, performed a World Premier work commissioned by 
the Music Department, and written by Mr. Louis Stewart. This was a 
very rewarding experience, and a first for the band. The band, led by 
seniors Jon Bonner, Walter Conkey, Zack Lesko, Hugh Fournier, and 
Dale Larracey, did very well at the band's annual competition in 
Annopolis, Maryland. We know that we are leaving behind a band 
which will continue to succeed in all of its musical pursuits. We 
would like to thank all of the parents that were involved in the Fruit 
Sale fundraiser and other activities throughout the year. A special 
thank you goes to Mr. Wauchope for all of his caring and support 
throughout these past four years. 


r. Wauchope conducts the band in rehearsal for 
an upcoming concert. 

Tie band practices hard in order to add to their huge trophy collection from 
Festival competitions. 


alters awesome tuba playing skills are essential 
to the band's success. 



Do-Re-Mi. Hannonious songs and scales echo from room 160 at 7:21 every 
inoming. Meeting first thing every day makes the members of Chorus a 
tired but talented group of musicians. Tackling hard tasks such as sight 
reading or rhythm country tunes was never a problem for this selective, competitive 
and great sounding group. The group has had two exchange concerts. One with a 
choir from Weston, CT. and the other with a group from Cumberland, ME. The 
group spent 10 memorable days in April '95 touring Germany and Austria. The 
chorus always provided so much opportunity for the students involved. Whether it 
be orgainizing concerts, programs, parties, singing a solo, or trying out for District 
and All-State, the chorus recognized and appreciated an invividual's cliance to shine. 
So many memories have been aquired over the four years we, as seniors, have been 
involved. Caitlyn, Ken and Steve always harmonizing nature walks/ appreciation on 
trips, Katie's WC adventures, morning warm-ups (backrubs!!), "ocifer" meetings, 
sectionals, Meghan- what did you do with the cover to the dye?, Maura- don't let 
your music fly away!. The anthem at B-ball games, Carol-a-grams, Pretty Princesses vs. 
Trolls, Bob stand up!, Brandi's obsession with "After the Gold Rush," fruit sale and so 
many other things well never forget. To some of us singing came naturally, others 
had to work at it, but all of us love it. Thanks for the ftin-ahvays keep singing. 

Liz takes time out to 
exercise after a busy 
day of singing. 


aitlyn is enjoying the German air. 


eghan and Ken are obviously enjoying all that 
Germany has to ofier. 


Maura is having a 
blast in Germany 
before the big concert. 


TwcK wAp».t»6H»f. jUh <^aruia be {imt^y - wop! 


S/AOPUIAV • -V9i/w«/ voekmi • VUoM • 1^40^ "SW^IW 

Y) s\ f9^y^ ' xoo 9ot)aa 


T linking back on the year, numer 
ous things come to mind. One of 
the more amazing things is the 
large turnout for the Fall Musical, 'Any- 
thing Goes." Close to 200 students were 
involved in the production. The show 
turned out to be a complete success. For 
this year's festival competition we will be 
performing a play about the Khymar Range envasion of Cambodia called "To Destroy You is No Loss." This is 
the first serious play to be done by the Drama Club in many years. After this, we will be off to New York City, 
where we will see some Broadway produtions such as Rent and Les Mis. The year will be finished off with "Thes- 
pian Night" and the Senior Directed One Acts as the Seniors say "good-bye." 

Drama Club 

aitlyn, Sarah, & Cindy 
doll themselves up. 

^ennis, Steve, and Ken use sign language to 
communicate to the cameraman. 


^k' ^ ' Ml 




amie and Hillary - 
"Anything Goes" 


Thespian Society 

The International Thespian Society is a well known 
organization that is especially meant for talented and 
dedicated theater students. To become a "thespian" 

one must have done 
work in the theater 
had to be done, 
only in the acting 
also working in 
behind the scenes, 
ber will be involved 
work for a hundred 
ourselves because 
High School Drama 
largest number of 
Massachusetts. It 
saying that it is a 

a great deal of 
area. Four shows 
concentrating not 
field on stage but 
technical areas 
The average mem- 
for two years and 
hours. We pride 
our own Hingham 
Club has the 
Thespians in 
goes without 
great accomplish- 

ment and honor to be part of the Thespian Society. SPOON! 


dip in the pool is always nice after a long day at I 


rissy's acting and singing abilities are apparant in 
all of the shows she participates in. 


on is a Thespian as well 
as drama President. 


e Hingham branch 
of the society. 



eghan and Bob edit the announcements to 
make sure no one was called an a~. 


ky takes a part time job as a Disney Channel 
operator, he calls himself "Cindy". 


WEHS-TV: something we could always count on to close A 
Period. We always have fun - think about it - at the close 
of all of 
the announcements 
there is a short 
giggle. Sometimes 
there are outrageous 
comments, or the 
anchors become 
dyslexic, but we 
always entertain you 
with our creative 

Friday shows and let you know what is going on at Hingham High on 
a daily basis. 


eghan and Sarah get highlighting help from the phantom under the desk. 



li •j'^^^ i^KJ 

■ "•,' 



\ ' M 


rosh Abby and Matt 
run the show. 


Senior Video 

Senior video is a very important record of the class of '97. The 
staff meets every G period to ensure that the project is a sue 
cess. Members of the staff attend various sports and club events 
searching for the perfect shot. Mr. Thaxter heads the video staff 
along with seniors Meghan Smeriglio, Megan Balunas, Dan Singleton, 
Bob Seaman, and Cindy Beigel. They have worked hard to capture 
our class' collective memories on film. 


T~^an, Meghan, and Bob dedicate many hours in 

Tie two Meghans edit the video to make it just 

pursuit of perfection. 

I T 

.Q. is pumped for another meeting of the 
Harborlight staff. 


This year the Harborlight is conceived, layed-out, and printed 
entirely in the school. In the capable hands of Chief Editor 
Brendan Doherty and Assistant Editors Cassy Brouse and Kevin 
Doherty, the Harborlight has expanded to a superb multi-subject 
newsletter. Under the guidance of Mrs. Rchnquist and the printing 
know-how of Mr. Boddie, the production of the Harborlight runs 
smoothly. A great staff of fantastic writers has made the Harborlight 
a journalistic phenomenon to be proud of. 

Cassie is perplexed by 
the largeness of her 

The Doherty's bring a little creative genius to the 


' indy wonders 'How much wood would a wood 
t chuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" 


student Council 

T|ie '96-'97 Sudent Council is filled with energy and ideas. Ms. Breen's 
ideas and fiin attitude brought new life to this year's council. With her 
help, we went to the fall '96 SEMASC conference where the students were 
introduced to new leadership skills and ideas. For a service project in Dec, the 

council held a sandwich 
making night. We made 
over 200 sandwiches 
which fed needy people 
lunch at Father Bill's 
place. Many members 
were involved in the 
student-run group BLUE 
(Be Leaders Understand- 
ing Equality). The group was initiated to protest negative diversity &. violence in 
school. Students, wearing blue ribbons to portray their loyalty to promoting 
diversity and safety, attracted media attention and were positive influences. The 
council hopes that its legacy as an influential student body wiU be counted on in 
the future. 

^ T 1 ^ 



m ^ M '.«3K t ^K. ^ ..^^^^^H 

Juli Dobson-Vice President, Lauren CuUinj^s-President, Kevin Mancini-Treasurcr, 
Jess Jancaitis-Secretary 



tudent Council shows their spirit in red, matching 
shirts at S.E.M.A.S.C. 

Tie Harbormen are all set for Homecoming '94. 
Our Sophomore float won second place. I 

auren puts the finishing touches on our "That's AH 
^Folks' '96 Thanksgiving wall. 


uli and Kristin are all decked out for Homecoming 
parade '95. 


tg Williams-President Kristin Klier-V. President Emily Stearns-Secretary 

Pat Donnelly-Treasurer 

Sarah decorates the 
wall the night before 
the big Thanksgiving pep- 


any members attended the S.E.M.A.S.C. conference this year. Various work- 
shops allowed students from different schools to share ideas. 



The Intergenerational Club kicked off the year with 
a great conference. Senior citizens and students 
came together to discuss many of the issues facing 
society today. The conference also brought about the 
year's service project. Students and senior citizens 
worked together to contribute to Operation Overcoat. 
This annual drive is meant to help as many people as 
possible by collecting winter clothing donations. This 
year the drive was very successful and everybody had a great time doing it. Together the members 
are earning their YEAH title which stands for Youth and Elderly Assisting Hingham. As always the 
year was a great experience for everybody. 



for a common goal 


mm* ma « _ » 

tS'^^mm* - •■• " 


|H^ C-^ 

to care 








ike is so tall that nothing can get by him. 

rian . . .just . . . sweats. 


uss laughs at Liz's fear of volleyballs. 



'he P-Funk AUstars find a formidable opponent in 
the volleyball team Formerly Known as Prince. 


Jimmy devises a new 
method of psyching out 
tne other team. 


athan is not only a fashion risk but a power 
house in volleyball. 

Colleen awaits the 
infamous "Boddie 


Amnesty International 

Amnesty International is an organization dedicated to fighting 
for the rights of people all over the world. This year's advisor, 
Mr. Swet, helped the group to organize various letter Avriting 
meetings. These letters are the main method that Amnesty uses to 
fight on the behalf of victims of injustuce. Amnesty members are 
against the death penalty and all other forms of human rights viola- 
tions. The organization does not focus its attention on a specific 
country or cause but works to benefit eveyone. Amnesty is more 
than a club as the members, and especially 
president John Hare, understand. 


at, Tim, TQ, and Nathan are fascinated by 
researching the history of Amnesty International 



rett directs the 
group's letter writing. 

le members like to 
lounge around. 

Nathan and T.Q. show 
their Amnesty pride. 


bhn, Dave, and Pete 
talk about their letters 


"Each of us influences someone 
else, often without even realizing it. 
It is within our power to make a 

-Deval Patrick 

"No human race is superior, no 
religious faith is inferior. All collec- 
tive judgements are wrong. Only 
racists make them." 

-Elie Weisel 

"Never doubt that a small group of 
thoughtful, committed citizens can 
change the world. Indeed, it's the 
only thing that ever does." 

-Margaret Mead 



Diversity Club 

Everyone is welcome in the Diversity Club as long as they come 
in peace. As a group, the club discusses topics ranging from 
gay issues to the violence around us. The club shows great 
interest and concern for what is happening in our society. Most 
importantly, the club is concerned about racial issues and violence 
when they are a problem at Hingham High. The group tries to 
combat these problems to assure that they are not repeated in the 
future. The B.L.U.E. (Be a Leader, Understand Equality) group was 
started this year by the Student Council to work for the same goals as 
the Diversity Club. This group was established following the publica- 
tion of articles in local papers addressing problems of intolerance at 
the high school. The group distributed blue ribbons to students in 
order to show their support of tolerance and harmony. Hingham 
High School has worked hard to welcome diversity. 

n n 





Mountain Biking 

Tie Mountain Biking Club was started in the fall of 1995. The 
1996 team had fewer members than last year but managed to 
get a group of bikers together to ride at Wompatuck and Blue 
Hills. A few of the riders also got together and won first place in 
their class as a team. The team is proud to say that their award is the 
biggest in the trophy case by the fi-ont office. The team would like 
to mention Bob Sullivan who was greatly missed this year as he was 
unable to ride due to a neck injury ft-om last season. K.C. Kopper 
would like to thank all the fans that came out to the harsh training 
rides, and those who helped start the club. Good luck to John 
Conway who will hopefully keep the team going next year. 




Hen, hard at work at the poster drive. 

libby promotes a good message: You drink, you 
Mrive, you die. 

Over the last year Elizabeth Webster (Ribs) and Ellen 
Coppinger (Elan), the co-presidents of S.A.D.D., have 
done numerous things for the club. Key chains with a 
logo promoting the slogan, "Don't drink and drive" were sold. 
Teenage speakers came in to talk to everyone about drinking and 
driving, especially 
during prom time. 
In addition, signs 
were posted around 
the school with a 
S.A.D.D. logo on 
them. Most impor- 
tantly the presidents 
have organized the 
first Spring dance 
(Spring Ring) that 
Hingham High 
School has had in a 
while. We, the 
1997 presidents of 

S.A.D.D. leave everyone with these final words.... Good luck with 
your future and on whatever you accomplish and remember not 
to drink and drive. 

Tie members of 
S.A.D.D. are 
committed to stopping 
drinking and driving at 
Hingham High. 


French Club 

Latin Club 


Spanish Club 

The poor trc3ib Ms^tcsi on 
c^rtK The h^s^cr our in- 
come. tJic n\orc resources we 
cotitrol ^int> tlic n\ore h^ivoc 
we wTc^k. 

-?^v<l H^irr^son 

I Am 1 plus ny\\ surrounbin^s 
At1^ if 1 ^o not xyrescrve tVic 
letter, 1 ^i> tiot preserve mvj- 

']ose Ortes^ Y Gusset 

He who plaints ^ tree 

-Lvicvj L^rcom 

d. t .r\. 

S.E.A., Students for Environmental Action is a club dedi- 
cated to perserving and protecting the environment. Co- 
presidents Caitlyn Harvey and Meghan Balunas work hard 
to organize and execute various environmentally friendly activi- 
ties. Senior officer Ken Bowers is also a key member in the 
club. The club meets every Friday after school to recycle bottles 
and cans. The sticky soda residue often attracts a large swarm 
of bees to join them in their recycling efforts. The club would 
like to apologize to all those bee families from whom they have 
taken loved ones. They would also like to thank Mr. Garland 
for keeping this die-hard club going. May S.E.A. live on in the 
hearts of true ecologists. Hasta. 

A.F.S. Club 

The A.F.S. Club (American Field Service) led by President 
Meghan Balunas and V.P. Megan Clifford is the largest club at 
Hingham High. The Hingham chapter is responsible for 
supporting the foreign students who stay in Hingham and encourag- 
ing Hingham students to study abroad. This year, the club donated 
$400 to the Toys-For-Tots program, raked leaves at the Friend's 
Home, and traveled to Washington D.C. 


The dub traveled to North Carolina during "ly yT eghan keeps things 
February vacation '95. JLVir 

.running smoothly. 


fficers. From top left: Ken Bowers, Megan Clifford, Mike Tremblay, Sarah 
Hamel, Cheryl St. Don, Meghan Balunas, Mike St. Don, Connacht O'Doherty 

Patricia Forcada 1996-1997 from Bolivia Carina Ligostaeva 1996-1997 from Russia 

Sally Chow 1995-1996 from Hong Kong Sasha Karbovskaya 1995-1996 from Ukraine 

Francois Laurent 1995-1996 from Belgium Oystein Morck 1995-1996 from Norway 

Soraya Cruz 1994-1995 from Brazil Mariana Izraelson 1994-1995 from Liberia 
Philippe Kobbie 1994-1995 from Germany Nina Krueger 1994-1995 from Gernabt 
Amandine Merlin 1994-1995 from France Lionel Busschaert 1993-1994 from Belgium 
Julio Caraballo 1993-1994 from Dominican Republic Conny Rasmussen 1993-1994 from Denmark 

Jennifer Watson 1993-1994 from Australia 


Math Team 

r. Olson and Mr. HoUey can't wait to cheer on 
the math team as they tackle those logarithms. 



he Oceanography Club had a great 

time this year teaching elementary 

school students about the oceans. 
Five teams set out to visit Foster, Ply- 
mouth River, and South schools. We used 
story boards and sweedish fish as teaching 
tools. Constructing and maintaining 
fishtanks, and bringing in animals from 
the sea were other enjoyable activities. It 

was a great learning experience for both the kids and the members 
of the club. We hoped our visits helped the students to appreciate 
the ocean. Good luck to the Oceanography Club next year! 

Ooeanognaphy Club 

t Oce 
Meghan, and Caitlin. 

Tie officers of the Oceanography Club: Ken, 


e Oceanography Club is dedicated to preserving ocean life. 

Tie Oceanography Club shows their pride by wearing matching t-shirts and 
holding plush marine life. 


National Honor Sociey 

Membership to the National Honor 
Society is based on academic record 
and personal qualities. Under the 
leadership of Colleen, Terrence, Audra, and 
Matt, dinner parties rocked and an almost 
successful Induction Ceremony was per- 
formed. Everyone diligently (???) participated 
in the can drive, food pantry service, candy 
sale, and muffin sale. Never forget: "Our Matt 
Cosmon", North End pizza, cold lasagna, the 
"successful" can drive, homemade cake, the 
falling candle, "My office is service." 


fRcers: T.Q. -Vice President, Matt-Treasurer, Colleen-President, and Audra- 

le inductees line up for the auspicious occassion 

O « onj5 

ftincipal MacLeod delivers an inspirational speech. 


9i{an is aCiuays more than he can Iqww of 
himseCf; consequently, his accompCishments, 
time and again, zvittcome as a surprise to 

-Qo(o 'Mann 

We oursefvesfeefthat what we are doing is 
just a drop in the ocean. 'But if that drop 
was not in the ocean, I thinl<i the ocean 
wouidbe [ess Because of that missing drop. 
I do not agree zvith the Big way of doing 

-Mother Teresa 

Volunteer Club 

Tie Volunteer Club led by Co-Presidents Meghan Childs and 
Christina Broker is involved in many service projects including 
the Pennies for Pine Street Program, and playing BESIGO with 
senior citizens every Friday. The club has donated items to Father 
Bill's Place in Quincy and to the Pine Street Inn. The club has always 
been ready and willing to help others, and all of its beneficiaries have 
been extreamely grateful over the years. The members feel that the 
Volunteer Club affords them an opportunity to make a difference in 
people's lives. 


What Kind of Hingham High Student 

Are You? 

1. You're late to school and 
the front parking lot Is filled, 

a) sneak past Dirk to the autoshop 

b) go deep after a quick bagel run. 

c) don't worry, the big, yellow loser 
cruiser doesn't need to park. 

i ^m 

(3) A food fight breaks out at lunch, you: 

a) Get into it, after all, you have to clean up the mess every 
day anyway. 

b) F^un to Dr. Lincoln with an alphabetized list of the instiga- 

c) Sit back and admire your handywork. 

(5) During class you: 

a) Suddenly wake up in a puddle of 

b) Ask an occasional question when 
you're not too busy talking with your 

c) Break out the D.N. A. molecule 
you made last weekend and point 
out all of the teacher's mistakes. 

<Z) Snowball starts at 8:00 
pm, you arrive: 

a)At 7:57 to help man the 

b) Fashionably late after a photo 
session with your date. 

c) Snowball? What's Snowball? 

<4> After school you: 

a) What? School's out? I better finish 
my cigarette before heading over to 

b) Run to get extra help, after all, 
you're A's should be A+'s. 

c) check the clock to see if you have 
time to run to the bagel shop before 



<6> During the pep rally you: 

a) are so frightened by the first cho- 
rus of "Freshmen Go Home" that 
you run screaming out of the gym, 
even though you're a senior. 

b) chant "HHS" as loud as you can 
along with the cheerleaders. 

c) pep rally?! Sounds like an early 
lunch to me. 

(7> It's day 6, time for gym. You: 

a) scream, Yes! I haven't seen the gym teachers yet 
this week. 

b) say, "My toenail injury is acting up again.", and 
moan loudly throughout the class. 

c) grin and bear it. No one said you had to try. 

Total Your Points 




2, (a)3 



3. (a)1 



4. (8)1 



5. (8)1 



6. (8)3 



7. (8)3 



8. (8)1 



(S) Its time to plan senior 
pranks. You plan too: 

a) Pull the fire alarnn, again. 

b) Give the Fresh a thrill by run- 
ning across the roof. 

c) Submit a 20 page essay en- 
titled, "Fear Stalks the Halls of 
Hingham High, Part II." 

8- / 2pis. 
Umm... we're surprised you even 
iook the fime ouf of your sleepy life 
fa fake our quiz. Jusi fry and wake 
up in class sometime and you'll see 
how enjoyable Hingham High can be. 
If you puf in ihe effort you can 
make Hingham High an even cooler 
place to go. But if you feel like 
sleeping all day, be careful of the 
teachers. We heard you can't sleep 
In Saturday detention! 

Congratulations! You seem like a 
funny, nice, understanding person. 
Whether you are partying at Snow- 
ball or acting in the school play, 
you work your hardest to make 
Hingham High the coolest. Just 
remember sometimes you need to be 
the individual you truly are to help 
Hingham High's School spirit soar. 

Wow!! You really are into Hingham 
High. Not that it's a bad thing, but 
maybe you should think about re- 
laxing a little. Rules are meant to 
be tested. High School only happens 
once, so live it up and have a good 
time. Who knows when the next time 
will be when you can use the "all 
night math meet" as your excuse to 
hang out with your friends on a 
Tuesday night? 



leB'' .^ia-: ••JbMi :.* J;'*'- ''1W> i 

' rik poses in his 
' medieval garb. 

'T^'hree Musketeers meets Tales From The Crypt' 


iss Nutter shows what happens when the 
Unibomber and Boy George have children. 


I trut it Scerbo! 

lat's happenin' hot 


'ere comes the sun... Liz Murray shines on as a 
jright yellow star. 

libbity... Bobbity...Boo! Mrs. Roundtree demon- 
' strates the power of her magical wand. 

f^f^y': ■: ■ -- 


r J 





,- ^ 





V- ^ 




In the Spotlight... 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Lauren Beware! Zack's success comes from his uncanny ability to 
manipulate unsuspecting rich women. 


Mr. and Ms. MH.S. 

Unfortunately, Tim and Megan left their usual attire of yellow rain 

jackets and pants at the cleaners. 

Cutest Cot^ 

Do you think that Juli and Mike have finally set the date? 


Class Ctoums 

Tun tries to steal the spotlight by throwing Emily out of the picture. 

Sleeps the Most in Qass 

It's a good thing Nicole and Chris don't snore, or our teachers would 

have to shout. 

Biggest Hirts 

Jon and Katie can't even stop for just one picture! 

**^''%i 'lii^. 








. mm 



Best Car 

Emily and Russ may not have bought their cars themselves but paying 
for their own repairs is a different story. 

Fwmiest Lavgh 

It's not hard to tell when Katie and Bryan think something is fimny. 

Most Stressed Out 

Quick guys, get back to work! 


A sparkling occasion... 

W' ith tuxedos, limos, and sequins, Junior Prom was dazzling. 
We danced the night away to our favorite tunes while 
watching the videos on a HUGE dance screen. Pre-Prom 
dinner and pictures were a must. Upon arriving at the dance, it was 
hard to believe we were in a cafeteria due to the colored lights and 
sparkling decorations. Even the bathrooms looked nice! Towards the 
middle of the dance, the Junior video recieved a much-deserved round 
of applause. Our class bonded together as we prepared to enter our 
Senior year. All too soon it was eleven, time for students to be 
whisked away in their limos, but the night was young and the fun far 
from over. After-Prom parties completed the near perfect night. 


ilary and Jess, "Aren't we so.. .cute?" 


ntha, Loco, Sean, Coolins, Hawk, Murph, Petrie, Winslow, Freak: The Chip and 
ale dancers of Hingham High School. 

'arah and Liz, 'The Little Munchldns." 



athan's sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch for Katie's ensemble 

Liz, Kristin, and 
Jamie pose before 
the big night. 


aclyn and Jess, are all dressed up... and ready to 

at n" Pat, Pat n' Pat, Pat n' Pat, OK enough! 


Seeing Stars... 

The familiar sensation of ringing in your ears takes over when 
walking out of Great Woods. No one thinks that it's weird that 
eveyone screams to their friends who arc only a few feet away, 
hearing loss is the price you pay for a great concert. A ton of bands 
visited during the summer of '96 including Dave Matthews & 
H.O.R.D.E. Sitting on the lawn, you are bound to have a fun night. 
If you're willing to shell out some extra cash you can have an actual 
seat. Rain or shine, Great Woods is the place for a rockin' good time. 

^at Donnelly, up close and personal. 


ack adds his rendition of the song. 

'TThe parking lot is the place to be at Great Woods. 


randi and Jamie, the 
Doublemint Twins. 


Shiny, happy people 

ave doesn't think that anyone is watching him as 
he makes faces at the teacher. 


uss is the man in his plaid shirt. 


hrissy, Krista, Kerri, Jill, and Julie are in style, sporting the long-haired look 
this season. 


.■'■':■.■** ■ 


and and Stephanie are supposed to be smiling at the camera, but Steph can't 
seem to find it. 


ohn is jumping for joy because he gets to play at 
the little playground. (He likes the slide best!) 


Letting our spirit shine.. 

A huge sound echoed through the building and then all the 
lights went out. Although a bunch of us had managed to 
convince our teachers that we had to get out of class to "help" 
with the pep rally, the rest of us had no idea that Mile 22 had blown 

out the electricity in 
with their musak. The 
the actual rally 
leaders were better 
their excelent pyrimids 
moves. Hilary and 
of attacking the Blue 
Timmy C, Megan and 
get everyone psyched 
light of the afternoon 
ing frosh were dragged 
They were forced to 
"Red!" and "White!" 
(?) effort to chant they 
rally shame. Oh well! 


the entire building 
incident didn't affect 
though. The cheer- 
than ever, with all 
and their groovy 
Jaime did a great job 
Devil aka Pat. 
Juli did their best to 
up. But the high- 
was when unsuspect- 
from the stands, 
scream chants of 
Despite their hearty 
were booed into pepf 
The faculty 

untraditionally rushed the seniors out first but we still managed to 
get in a few rounds of "Freshmen go home!" After all isn't that what 
a pep rally's all about? 


immy, Em, and Jules mellow in yellow. 


im and Megan are crowned Homecoming King and Queen as Tim plots to 
steal Megan into the night. 


The Seniors once again 
dominate the pep 
rally. Mall scares away 
Ihc Frosh wilh his 
unbelievable size. 

ust as the pep rally 
begins, the band 
blows the power out 
with their phat tunes 


he Harbormen chant the traditional pep rally cry: "Freshmen Go Home!!" 

Pal, Hilary and 
Jamie show us 
all Ihey learned in 
high school. Great 
job guys!! 



A Dazzling Night... 

The cafeteria looked like a battlefield. Seniors shoved Frosh out of the way to grab one 
of the limited tickets. But many students were denied. Due to riotous gangs of Idds, 
the front office thought it safest to print more tickets. The dance was packed. Enter- 
ing the cafeteria, which was covered in red and white balloons, we forgot the chaos of the 
Thursday before. A huge number of kids went stag. The Macarena was done before it could 
go out of style (like it wasn't already!) Even Mr. Dirk was having a good time. Lack of 
oxygen forced many into the courtyard. Aside from a few broken windows, the dance ran 
smoothly. As our last Homecoming drew to a close, the Seniors drew together in a circle. 
'Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" brought tears into the eyes of many. : 

Brian and Lou show us I 
how to communicate I 
over the loud music by 
using sign language. 
Brian is trying to get Lou I 
to turn around and 
boogie down! 


Sarah, Kristin, Heather, | 
Katie, and Lauren 
gather around to show 
their pearly whites. 



Lighting up the runway 



Sunny Days... 

oments of stupidity caught on film, these pictures may be 
worth millions some day. Finally, as seniors we are free to 
act as strange as we want and obviously many of us have 

Tiavares puckers up as 
Mr. Boddie takes his 

taken advantage of 
in fear as we do what- 
want. (Not that we 
anything.) We need to 
somehow. You know 
are coming up when 
start going nuts! It 
more common to hear 
need to talk to you 
its Friday but..." Its 
pens when a camera is 
have collected some 
some random people 
things. Enjoy!! 

Katie-'Yea, I'm 

•working hard." 

this. Frosh watch us 
ever the &*$$ we 
don't get caught or 
de-stress ourselves 
midterms and finals 
the seniors really 
becomes more and 
a teacher saying, "I 
outside." or "I know 
amazing what hap- 
around. Here we 
random shots of 
doing some random 

P.S. All of the originals are being held for ransom. 

A s usual, Lydia, Cindy, Meghan, Marisa, Jill, Jess, Sarah, Caitlyn, Caroline, Katie, 
-^ ^Colleen, and Caitlin get a lot done in Spratt's class. 


atie and Erin are 
NOT camera shy. 



. J^ 


kim 1 








Hjp' ^^^Ri 











didn't do anything! 

'arrie has deep and meaningful conversations with 
' the wall. 

Liz says to hurry up 
and take the picture 

'elly asks, "Where am I?' 


it Meghan! 

Ken, is that a hand on 
■your face or are you 
just happy to see me? 


Harbor Lights 


ack and Joe are obviously satisfied with their 
school lunches. 


rett, Pete, and Brian 
are looking tough. 


arissa and Jaime., 
'cutest couple?" 


ig smiles on Cindy, 
Krissy, Kelly, Sarah 

teve sends his loving message to all. 



arc models on our 
grassy runway. 


Cross Country 

The Cross-country teams had great seasons this year. 
The girls' team struggled with various injuries, but 
still came out on top as usual. It was hard to 
compete with last year's victory at the League Meet, but 
we still had an awesome season. The boys' team has had a 
rough time for the last few years. The team is a young 
team, looking forward to more prosperous seasons in the 


iris Cross Country shares a bonding monnent. 


Girls and Boys Cross Country. One big, 

happy family! 

/^o, go gadget 


aroline, Maura, Katie, Katie, and Seth are the senior "tracldes." 

ee Katie run. 
Run Katie, run. 


atie brings home the gold, again. 

In our own words... 

What is the hardest thing 
about cross countrij? 

Telling myself that pain is 
actually good for you and 
then believing that crap! 

-Katie Allen 

What was the funniest thing 
of the season? 

Getting covered in mud 
during the Franklin Park 
meets. Um, I was captain 
of the guy's team. 

-Maura Black 

What did ujou do to psijche 
Ljourseives up before meets? 

Katie, Maura & I (Caroline 
too, once she learned how 
to dance) would dance to 
Stayin' Alive down the 
aisles of the bus. 

-Katie Allen 


Field Hockey 

Hingham Field Hockey completed another sue 
cessful season this year ending up ranked forth 
in their t;^^^ .^l3PH^B league and qualify 
ing for the state J^BFP^^Filir™ tournament. Un- 
fortunately, the 
out in the first 
without giving 
for their money, 
the number two 



eniors Liz, Megan, Emily, Heather, Lauren, Kristin, Sarah, and Audra. Field Hockey, it's 

Captains Liz Murray, Audra Gomez, and 
Emily Stearns. 


t*j».)* %*• 


' oUeen waits for 
rthe next shot. 

Liz and Megan work together to get the 

<ball and succeed! 

Emily prepares for 

/the attack. 


ristin speeds towards the ball. 


5cituate3-l Middleboro 4-0 Marshfield 0-0 Sandwich 3-2 Ply-N 2-0 D-Y 0-2 Dux. 0-1 Middleboro 4-0 Dux. D 

! Megan Mclaughlin 

Liz Murray 

Heather Saylor 

Emily Stearns 


In our own words... 

What is the hardest thing 
about Jieid Hockeuj? 

Getting the hint across to 
Ms. Gordon that we want 

-Kristin Klier 

Playing in our "Jungle" 

-Emily Sterns 

How big of a turn outdo ljou 
usuailLj have at ijour games? 

Well Paula's pretty big so 
our crowd was good. 

-Kristin Klier 

Mostly boys wanting to 
see girls in kilts. 

-Emily Sterns 

iarshfield 2-0 Notre Dame 2-0 Sandwich 2-3 Bridge. R 3-3 Ply-N 3-1 D-Y 1-2 Bridge. R 2-3 Scituate 4-0 Div I B. Stang 0-1 



The football cheerleading season was the best ever. Learning 
new routines and cheers was difficult but it paid off. Lifts 
were very challenging and senior Jen Carnes says that they are 
one of the hardest things about the sport. This year marked the 
entrance of both new uniforms and a new coach. Looking good and 
practicing hard the team rose to new heights. Unfortunately the 
team lost one of its captains but managed to overcome this difficulty. 
Cheerleaders need to be peppy and the team psyched themselves up 
by feasting on pixy sticks and having psyche buddies. They were 
always ready for the games and were great at the pep rallies. The 
football team would have been completely lost without the cheerlead- 
ers rooting them on. Go Hingham!!! 

Captains for football 
cheerleading, Jen and 
Jen, pose for one last 

The cheerleaders get the 
^ crowd psyched with one 

of their great lifts. 

The '96 cheerleaders try to 
ignore the freezing cold 
while smiling for their team 
picture. Despite the cold 
weather, the cheerleaders 
could always warm up the 



Attitude is everything! Our season wasn't as good as we wanted it to be. We were 2-7-1 . 
But our record didn't reflect our attitude. Mike Kutsch (captain) was defensive MVP. He 
made the tackle when it was needed, no matter what. Mike Piatt was one of the unsung 
heros on defense. When it was 4th and inches, Mike would come up with a big hit and stop the 
other team. Dave Langill led the defease against the ground game. Russ Shute, a key player on 
defense, performed many short yardage stops. Russ gave it his all and did the job. The two main 
players on offense. Matt Camileri and Jimmy Humphrey, came through for us as was needed. 
Jim McDonough, an outstanding running back, saw the whole and made the right aits into 
another hole. Jim's many touchdown worthy kickoffs and punt returns brought him the MVP. 
Kevin Mancini blocked for Jim and hclf>cd make tlic tackle with Mike K.. Kevin was awarded 
with team MVP but couldn't have done it without tlie exceptional play of his teammates. 

Hingham swarms 
the opposition's 
running back. 


ump-Dog gets psyched up before the game. 

Matt Camilleri Jim Humphrey 

Mike Kutsch 


Hanover 6-6 Randolph 8-34 Rockland 8-32 NXIiitnian Hanson 7-28 Plymouth Norl 


In our own words... 

SJfijOMr team had a mascot 
who would it be? 
Scerbo would be our mas- 
cot, he's extremely crazy. 

-Jim Humphrey 

Tim French, because he's 
the coolest kid alive. 

-Mike Piatt 

What was the funmest thmg 
of the season? 

When Dave Langill does 
an impression of "Chunk" 
from the movie, "Goonies." 

-Kevin Mancini 

When the Cambridge girls' 
volleyball team showed up 
and asked us where our 
girls' volleyball team was. 

-Mil<e Piatt 

■■ BI^H^mi^^*^ .^■■MKnl, ■■■■■^■hk. 

^ Dave Langill Kevin Mancini Jim McDonough Mike Piatt 

SODuxbury 18-44 Middleboro 23-13 Marshfield 12-56 DY 34-21 Scituate 21-34 

Russ Shute 


Boys Soccer 

Boy's Soccer had a promising season with a 6-6-6 record. The "X-Factor", 
Jr. Alex White had an awesome game in the season opener against 
Plymouth-North. After a few setbacks at the beginning of the season, 
the team made a great run at the end to make the playoffs. Senior Corey 
Zahner and Freshman Evan Linquist led the team in goals. Senior captain 
Andy "Get-A-Grip" Lane had a strong season as well. Bob Wesson was a player 
who could do well at any position. Alex Scerbo was a strong defensive player 
making the switch from goalie this year. Corey Zahner was the core defensive 
player always giving 110%. Awards given included 7\ndy recieving the 110% 
award, Corey the "best offensive player" award, and Alex Scerbo the "best 
defensive player" award and the A.C.L. Honorable Mention Award. 

£.4^ i 

Adam Dorsky 


Andy Lane 


Ply-N 1-1 Randolph 5-0 Sandwich 1-1 W-H 0-2 Rockland 4-0 Marshfield 1-3 Duxbury 1-3 Middleboro 3-0 D-Y 1 


J' I 

he senior tough 

ey Bob! The ball is in front of you! 

In our own words... 

What was thefummest thing 
of the season? 

Ryan Wilson getting fully (I 
mean My) drooped in 
front of everyone, includ- 
ing the girls' soccer team. 

-Alex Scerbo 

We had a game in 
Duxbury and our fans had 
horns and drums and they 
kept overpowering the 
cheers from the Duxbury 
cheerleaders. We lost the 
game but it was still really 

-Bob Wessen 

^fi^our team had a mascot 
who or what would it be? 

Adam Florey-5 
dollars. ..nuff said. 

■Bob Wessen 


1y-N 0-1 Randolph 0-0 Sandwich 1-1 Duxbury 0-2 W-H 1-0 Marshfield 2-3 Middleboro 2-0 D-Y 1-1 Rockland 2-1 


Girls Soccer 

Girls soccer successfully battled through a competative Atlantic Coast 
League this year. Plymouth North and Marshfield, were ranked in the 
Globe's top twenty, but the Harborwomen gave them a run for their 
money. The team enjoyed a great season, finishing one point shy of the state 
tournament. The team improved with each game despite pre-season injuries. 


he 1996 girls' varsity soccer team members gather around to show their school spirit. 


ess and Katie are shining bright after one 
of their victories. 



he senior force of the soccer team: Katie, Jess, Hilary, andjuli take a picture break during 

Ply-N 0-5 Randolph 3-1 Sandwich 1-1 Duxbury 0-2 W-H 0-2 Marshfield 0-4 Rockland 1-1 Middleboro 1-0 D-Y 24 



atie, Hilary, Juli, and Jess take the traditional senior spot at the back of the bus. 

•■ i 

- \ 


Hilary Baker 

i#»s •■ 

Katie Carolan 

•m mr 

Juli Dobson 

Jess Griffin 

N 0-3 Randolph 2-1 Sandwich 0-0 Duxbury 0-3 W-H 0-2 Marshfield 0-1 Middleboro 6-0 D-Y 2-1 Rockland 2-1 

In our own words... 

What was the most emhar- 
rass'mg th'mg that happened 
to Ljou during the season? 

When I choked on the bus. 

-Katie Carolan 

When I got hit in the face 
with the ball. 

-Jess Griffin 

\Nhat is the hardest thing 
about soccer? 

Remennbering how to play 

-Jess Griffin 

What did Ljou do to psLjche 
Ljourselves up before games? 

Beat up Paula and drink 
crank 2-0. 

-Katie Carolan 




he basketball team started the season off with great expecta 
tions for their skilled team. They ended strong despite 
plaguing injuries. JefF Shore's hurt knee, Denis Desmond's 

broken hand and Steve 
ankle were only a tem- 
HHS. Winning the 
ment was a great suc- 
They have had a great 
past few years. Coach 
a great job motivating 
Next year's team is sure 

Tardinico's sprained 
porary set-back for 
Massassoit Tourna- 
cess for the team, 
turnaround in these 
Ged Phelan is doing 
his team to win. 
to be strong follow- 


s it Tim O'Connor or is 
it Hercules? 

Jim Humphry shows a' 
his awesome pecs. 

The Rockland players are modeling a fashion don't 
by not wearing t-shirts under their shirts. But 
Tim is looking good and playing well. 


Julie demonstrates her 
cheering abilities. 


f)iirtncy knows llial 
I IMS basketball is # 1 


Underclassmen are 
vital to the team. 

Basketball Cheerleading led by captains 
Jenn Seremetis and Mary-Ellen 
O'Donnell suprised us all with their 
amazing acrobatic skills at the winter pep- 
rally. They perfected their moves at intense 
after school practices under the guidance of 
Mrs. Smith. 7\side from a rivalry with the 
Hockey Cheerleading team, the season went 
well. The Cheerleading squad cheered boy's 
basketball on into the tournament up until 
an unfortunate loss to Duxbury. H-I-N-G-H- 
A-M we're the Hingham Harbormen! 

enior co-captain Jenn 
• Seremetis leads the 
team in a chant. 

'he team shows their 
balancing act skills. 


Led by captains Erin Conroy and Allison 
Mclver, the Gymnastics Team put a lot of 
hard work into this season. Continually 
improving with each meet, the team competed 
vault, bars, beam, and floor. All members 
raised their skill levels throughout the season by 
learning new and difficult moves. New coach, 
Maura Zaccardi, played a huge part in the 
team's success. The team's disco warmups were 
also a very memerable part of the season. Good 
luck next year! 


e gymnastics team poses before 
Mass Gym. 


\^ Hockey Cheerieading 

Captain Marissa Beale leads the Hingham Hockey 
Cheerleaders in a chant. 


he '97 hockey cheerieading season was as great as ever. 
Captains Kerri Jones and Marisa Beal worked hard to perfect 

their cheers, 
leaders were, as always, 
the hockey team's 
success. Team memo- 
ebrating at Chili's, 
Randolph, D/Y ride, 
Brockton), Thanks to 
"the room," private 
games, the equiptment 
(Party! 1-2-3-4), "Put 

V%C-UKvv \ 

The hockey cheer- 
an intregal part of 
much acclaimed 
ries: "Papa's," cel- 
"The Pony." 
the away fans (i.e. 
Mrs. D.-we love you!, 
team "talks," Tourney 
bus, pep-rallies 
Win in!," The 

Spicegirls, Kristen M. getting pegged with the puck. Slow down! 

Tie cheerleaders are an important part of the 
hockey team's success. 

ED and WHITE! 



The Hingham High Hockey Dynasty has been a trail of hardwork and 
dedication. Through perserverence and constant togetherness, the 
team has united, becoming the best team ever at HHS. This winning 
organization has been developed around its phenomenal defense, primarily 

senior Chris Petrie. The offensive fire 

«£| power is provided by the team's two 

^ .i-^^Vi^^ ^!8^ '^^^^ lines." The red line of Hawk, 

^ >A^Mirf^BLi ^^B Melanson and Gautreau has been the 

toughest and most physical line all 
year. The gold line of Sliney, Zahner 
and Murphy has been based upon 
finesse and quick movement. 
Third line player Pat Ingoldsby deserves the 7th player award for his drive. 
The heart and soul of the team comes with the goalies, Marc Carlson and Alex 
Scerbo. Congratulations 1997 Division 11 State Champions. 


Bryan Gautreau-Capt. 

Pat Ingoldsby 

Kevin Mullen 

Dan Murphy 

Chris Petrie 

Alex Scerbo 

Corey Zahner 

In our own words... 

9fLjOL4r team had a mascot who 

woiAld it be^ Whui^ 

Chris Haddad because he is 


-Bryan Gautreau 

Andy Scerbo, because he's 
an animal. 

-Corey Zahner 

What is the hardest thing 
about Ljoursport^ 
Seeing the darn puck. 

-Kevin Mullen 

Seeing Marc Carlson naked 
in the locker room. 

-Bryan Gautreau 

Getting up for every game. 

-Marc Carlson 

What was the funniest thing of 
the season'^ 

Listening to G.R. 

-Chris Petrie 

G.R. telling Trevor that if he 
doesn't like it to get the 
"bleep" out. 

-Corey Zahner 


Ski Team 

Tie Ski Team was started in the winter 
of '96. The team had a very strong 
first season. Amy Wojtasinski and 
Cara Glassanos tied for first place in the Ski 
East League. In the 1997 season, the team 
became an official varsity sport. There was a 
huge participation of seniors this year includ- 
ing Andy Lane, Jon Winslow, Melyssa Falletti, 
Jaime Maclntyre, Amy Wojtasinski, Brandi 
Brice, Kristin Spriano, Liz Rowe, Hilary York, 
Chris Unick, and Ken Corson. 

Captains Jon and Amy give an inspiring speech at| 
the pep-rally. 


aptain Jon Winslow 

elyssa Falletti 

ristin Spriano 










- ^^^^H 



H.S. wrestlers are known for their toughness 
under pressure. 


uss cheers on his team from the sidelines. 


oach Barges lovingly roots his team on with some 
words of spiritual advice. 



he Hingham High Wrestling Team led by captains Russ Shute, 
Carlo Agostino, Craig Buckley, and Chris Primo ended the 
season with an impressive record of 11 and 4. The season was 

characterized by both 
Hingham blowouts, 
in the sectional tour- 
the sectional tourna- 
Buckley (1), Carlo 
Swanson (2), Joe Primo 
and Matt Hersey (8). 
second in the state 
Memerable matches 
Buckley's victory 
Randolph, Russ 

close matches and 
The team placed fifth 
nament. Winners in 
ment included Craig 
Agostino (2), Dave 
(4), Peter Youseff(5), 
Buckley also placed 
included Craig 
against Ahmed of 
Shute's pin of 

Magnell of Braintree, and Dave Swanson's pin of Dai of Quincy. A 
great season was had by all. 

Wrestlers are very 
expressive during 
their matches. 

Taking down tatooed 
varsity wrestlers is no 
problem for H.H.S. 


Winter Track 

Tie Girls' and Boys' 1996-97 
Indoor Track teams both had 
successful seasons this year. 
The Girls' team was led by outstand- 
ing performances by seniors Katie 
Allen, Maura Black, Caroline Finlay, 
and Kate Haggerty. Katie .\llen had 
an awesome season, running a gruel- 
ling 16 laps around the track in the 
two mile. Maura Black proved her 
strength in both the 600 and 4x400 
relay. Caroline Finlay was a huge 
asset to the team, scoring in the 
hurdles and the 300. Kate Haggerty 
kicked butt in the mile and anchored 
the 4x400 relay team. Both Maura and 
Kate were also on the 4x800 relay 
team that placed 7th in the state class 
meet. A great season was had by all. 
The Boys' team also enjoyed a victori- 
ous season. Senior Captain Nick 
Skrine entertained the crowd with 
amazing performances in the 1600, 
two mile, and the 1000. Senior Ben 
Arkell in his first year out was a 
pleasant surprise with his success in 
the 600 and the mile relay. 


aptain Kate Haggerty gives it her all in 
the 600. 


enior Ben Arkell sprints ahead of his 
competitors in the 600. 

enior Caroline Finlay is determined to 
win the 300. 


aptain Katie Allen sets the pace in the 
two mile. 



aptain Nick Skrine proves that hard work 
pays oflf as he cruises by his opponent. 

In our own words... 

SfijoiA could change one thing 
during the season what 
would it be? Whiyj? 

More hot guys so I have 
something good to run 

Katie Haggerty 

That the whole team could 
go to States so there 
would be less competition. 

Caroline Finlay 

What did Ljou do to psLjche 
Ljourselves up before meets? 

Pound Big-Macs and 

Nick Skrine 

What is the most embarrass- 
ing thing that happened 
during the season? 

My Mom telling me I run 
like Forest Gump. 

Katie Allen 

m&tSf . 



The baseball team had a truely outstanding season this year. 
Although this season was supposed to be a "rebuiling" year the team 
was extremely successful. The team made it into the second game 
of the tournament but unfortunately lost to Franklin in a tough home 
game. For individual honors, Pat Ingoldsby was the only player to hit nine 
homeruns out of the ballpark. 

Jim McDonough ^H||B9|||||^^BP'''^I'''^||^^^^^^H ^^^ Jason 
Henley patrolled MBH^^B^S^IMWm the outfield 
playing well. HHhHHn VBHHHSi They worked 
hard to make ^"-^ the plays with 

their direct , ^ - %■ throws and 

great catches. Matt Camilleri 

pitched some solid games. 

T.Q. Wallace started one game but had a tough loss in the rainy weather 
and gusty winds at Middleboro. The team as a whole worked well together 
and surprised many when they proved themselves to be better than what 
everyone had expected. 

f^ f f 



— «r 


he baseball boys 
of '96. 


xciting game, 
huh guys? 


im gets ready to crack one out of the park! 


Matt Camilleri 

Jason Henley 

Pat Ingoldsby 

Lou loanilli 



ice grab Chris! 

^ / I—I ■ .%\rVlU 

Jon Lewando Jim McDonough Chris Petrie 

T.Q. Wallace 

In our own words... 

What was the most embar- 
rassing thing that happened 
to Ljou during the season? 

I slid into a base and 
missed it. 

-Lou loanelli 

It would have to be striking 
out four time during one 

-Jon Lewando 

What is the hardest thing 
ahoMt baseball? 

Hitting a baseball. 

-T.Q. Wallace 

Getting along with the 

-Lou loanelli 

What was the funniest thing 
about the season? 

Coach Farina running. 

-Lou loanelli 


Sailing Team 

Tie H.H.S. Sailing Team dared to sail where very few do: the 
bacteria infested Charles River. Other than that, 1996 was an 
awesome year for the team. Yep, that's right, we placed third 
in the Sail Offs with an 8 member team competing against 45 mem- 
ber teams. We are members of the Mass Bay League, New England 
Schools Sailing Association, and the Interscholastic Sailing Association. 
Awards were given out at the team cookout at HYC. Mark Lewis was 
named most improved and Caitlin Cohan and Keith Knowlton were 
named captains for the 1997 team. We look forward to the racing at 
the "slimy' Charles for 1997. Good luck team! 


e Sailing Team prepares for their big race. 



eniors Russ Caruso, Bryan McViney 

and Dan Singleton are sure to 

continue the golf team's excellent 
reputation. Under the leadership of Mr. 
Curran they are training for victory. Russ, 
as the team's captain, is working hard to 
continue the team's winning streak. 
Bryan and Dan are proving themselves 

capable of becoming winners with their outstanding athletic skills. 
Golf is an extremely challenging sport. The team members know this 
and are doing their best to prove themselves winners, again. Keep 
your eye on the ball boys! 



ryan waits in anticipation to see where his ball has 

Bryan McViney 


r. Curran and Russ; don't they look cute to- 

Boys Lacrosse 

In 1996 The Hingham High school Boys Lacrosse team 
made it all the way to the Eastern Massachusetts final 
game. Excellent team efforts in offense and defense 
brought the team to this high point. Unfortunately the 
season came to an end after the Harbormen bowed out to 
the eventual state champions, Newton North. They will 
be captured by Mike Welch, Peter Staunton and Bryan 
Gautreau. The Harbormen also return seniors Anthony 
Marcella, Jon Winslow, and Chris Haddad. With all of 
these talented players the team is sure to carry on their 
reputation as a team that has what it takes to go all the 




' aptain Pete Staunton flaunts his stuff as he strolls off the field. 



ike Piatt watches intently as his team displays their unbelievable 


aptain Bryan Gautreau keeps his eye on his man while defending 
the goal. 


ter Staunton gets in on the action in the 
Cohasset vs. Hingham game. 


he team comes together before the big game. 

/'^oach J.T. gives the players a few words of /'^hris Haddad makes his move to impress 

V-/ helpful advice. 

'the girls. 

In our own words... 

What was the fumiest thing of 

the season? 

Making fun of Jeremy 


-Bryan Gautreau 

Making Steiner run. 

-Pete Staunton 

What was the most embarrass- 
ing thing that happened to ijou 
during the season? 
Swearing really loud in a 
game against Weymouth 
and all the fans heard it. I 
got a penalty for it. 

-Bryan Gautreau 

Every game when J.T. 
screams my name followed 
with, "What the hell are you 

-Pete Staunton 

What is the hardest thing 
about Lacrosse? 
Putting up with Steiner's 

-Bryan Gautreau 


Girls Lacrosse 

With help from Coach Heather Williams, Girls' Lacrosse had another 
great season last year. An especially notable victory over the num 
ber one team in Eastern MA, Newton-North, shows the strength, 
skill, and determination of the players. The team was the undefeated South 
Independent League Champ and advanced past the first round in the tourna- 
ment. Many awards were handed out at the close of the season. Emily Stearns 
was named Best Midfielder and Kristin Klier was awarded Most Improved. 
South Independent League All-Stars included Christi Gigon, Kristina Sullivan, 
Heather Saylor, Katie Carolan, and Melissa Christino. Captains for 1997, 
Emily Stearns, Heather Saylor, and Lauren Cullings are ready for another 
strong season this year as the Harborwomen battle their way towards the 
tournament led by seniors Katie Carolan, Colleen Connearney, Audra Gomez, 
Jess Jancaitis, Kristin Klier, and Liz Rowe. 

Katie Carolan Colleen Ccaineamey Lauren Cullings Audra Gomez 

Jess Jancaitis 


Jarnstable 22-5 Framingham 18-15 Beverly 15-4 Needham 18-7 Wayland 12-18 N-S. 17-2 Sandwich 18-3 Brookline 21 


ristin and 
Heather impress 
the photographer. 

M < 



*oach Heather 
Williams leads 
the team to victory. 


ey girls, nice 

Tie seniors celebrate their victory with a 


Kristin Klier 

Liz Rowe 

Heather Saylor Emily Stearns 

In our own words... 

What was the funmest thing 

of the season? 

When Lauren Cullings 

skidded across her face 
Freshman year. She came 
up with grass sticking out 
of her helmet. 

-Jess Jancaitis 

Some crazy old grand- 
mother (mine) got on the 
field and rang her cow bell 

-Emily Sterns 

What did ujou do to psLjche 
Ljoiytrseives up before games? 
Beat up each other and 
listen to Wham. 

-Katie Carolan 

Vfijoar team had a mascot 
who would it be':' 

Biggie Bear 

-Lauren Cullings & Heather Saylor 

Paula eating oranges 

-Audra Gomez 

jimstable 24-5 Beverly 15-5 Linc-S. 8-16 Marblehead 7-4 Sandwich 17-5 Weston 22-5 N-N. 25-4 Brookline 21 Agw 22-3 


Spring Track 

T|ie Hingham High Girls' Spring Track team is looking 
forward to an awesome '97 season. Returning Senior 
Stars are Katie Allen, Maura Black, Caroline Rnlay, and 
Katie Haggerty.The team looks as strong as ever .Captains Katie 
A., Maura B., and Katie H., hope the season proves to be 
better than last year's. Experience combined with talent is 
what makes the team so unique. With the support of our 
beloved coaches Mrs. Kirby and Mr. Manganello, the team 
hopes to improve upon last year's season. 


enior Caroline Finlay dazzles us all with her unique stretching 

"aura rules the 


atie Allen and her sister, Courtney, 
battle for first place. 


he Hingham High Girls' track team takes time out to pose for 
the camera. 


rs.Kiby glares at the camera as Katie H 
looks on. 

Seniors (L-R) Maura Black, Katie Haggerty, Katie Allen, and Caroline Finlay. Don't they look 

'cute in those candystripers? 

enior Captain 
• Katie Allen. 

enior Captain 
I Katie Haggerty. 

enior Captain 
• Maura Black. 

In our own words... 

How big of a turnout do ljou 
have at ijour games? 

Uhm, maybe like 5 people- 
all parents. Nobody loves 
us at track! But hey, we 
don't need you anyways! 

-Katie Allen 

They are actually "meets" 
and we only get parents. 

-Katie Haggerty 

\N\aat is the hardest thirig 
about Ljour sport? 

The nervousness before 

-Caroline Finlay 

9fijour team had a mascot 
who would it be? 

Cheetah. We're speed 

-Maura Black 


Jaimee Bizzozero 


he Harborwomans' softball team consists of five hardworking and 
dedicated seniors. Captains Jaimee Bizzozero and Dale Larracey lead 
the team to each and every game. Along with Stephanie Monticone, 
Sue Mullen and Amy Wojosinski the team hopes that the 
'97 season will be as fun and enjoyable as the last. 
Everyone on the team has a special talent which makes 
them so strong and gives the team proof that the '97 
season will be prosperous. Amy and Sue have gained 
reputations as the team's power hitters. Steph and 
Jaimee play the field in order to make the much needed 
outs each inning. Dale pitches with great control and 
makes it hard for the other team to get any hits. All those 
years of away games have given the team the opportu- 
nity to become close. They have gained a strong will 
and spirit which may not be reflected in their scores but 
is a major factor in defining the who the Harborwomen are. 


Randolph 0-9 P-N 0-15 D-Y 16-15 W-H 10-11 Middleboro 5-15 Sandwich 16-6 Marshfield 5-11 Rockland W 




e re going 
home baby! 

I "Vale gets 'em 

every time. 

Bizz goes for the 

'fly ball. 

In our own words... 

'^f Ljourteam had a mascot 
who would it be? Whuj? 
Neil Crowley... why??? Be- 
cause he's tasty and we 
always perform better when 
he cheers us on. 

-Jaimee Bizzozero 

What was the fumniest th'mg 
of the season? 
Running to first base, get- 
ting hit in the back with a 
line drive, tripping and 
falling on the ground 
laughing hysterically and 
everyone else laughing at 
me. All in one play. 

-Sue Mullen 

SfLjOM could change one thing 
about the season what would 
It be'?' Whij? 

Our uniforms, those nasty 
tight things have been 
around since my mother 
was in school... 

-Jaimee Bizzozero 

mdolph 0-15 P-N 1-10 Dux. 5-14 D-Y 6-5 W-H 1-14 Middleboro 1-2 Sandwich 4-7 Marshfield 3-2 Rockland 20-4 Dux. 9-1 


Boys Tennis 

The boys tennis team had a fantastic season last year finishing 
with a record of 17-3. For the first time in history, the team 
became Co-Atlantic Coast League Champs. Hingham defeated 
Duxbury for the first time in Seven Years and ended up sharing the 
title with them. Four members of the team were elected to the 
Atlantic Coast League All Stars: Matt, Cosmon, Matt Goulding, John 
Indrisoro, and Wes Marcks. This year, captains Cosmon and Indrisoro 
hope to lead the team to another tourney. 



hat do you guys think you are? Ramingos? 


att says - "No pictures please!" 

enior Matt Cosmon inspires the boy's tennis team 
•with his unbelievable skills. 


att (again) shows the underclassmen how to stretch. 




I enior co-captain Kellyann Jeffries gets ready to blast 
^one back to her opponent. 

Girls Tennis 

The girls varsity and junior varsity tennis teams have always 
had a great standing in the Atlantic Coast League. The 1996 
season was extreamely successful as coach Diane Sides led 
the varsity girls to first place in the Atlantic Coast League with a 
record of 14-3. Playing for Hingham's victory were senior co-captian 
Kellyann Jeffries, and sophomores Britton Lacey and Caitlin Fahey. 
The team's roster is strong in both singles and doubles. Senior co- 
captian Nanci Fine, juniors Courtney Jeffries, Lizzie Ford, Allison 
Walsh, Christine Ryberg, and sophomores Maggie Kirkendall, Emily 
Golden, and Ashley Engel all contributed to the teams advancement 
in the state tournament. Hingham drove right through to the state 

quarter finals and lost to Bishop Feehan. 
The junior varsity team, led by captains 
Jessica Griffin and Erin Conroy, also had 
a successful season in the league. The team 
has alot of spirit and support which plays 
an important part in their success. 

Tie HHS girl's varsity 
tennis team takes 
time out to pose before 
the match. 

Senior co-captain Nanci 
Fine wins over her 
opponents with her huge 

oach Sides takes a stance of anticipation as she 
watches her team win. 

I>Y 2-3 W-H 5-0 P-N 5-0 Middleboro 5-0 Sandwich 3-2 Marshfield 3-2 RocJdand 4-1 Duxbury 4-1 D-Y 4-1 W-H 5-0 Ptymouth 4-1 Middleboro 5-0 Sandwich 3-2 Marsh. 3-2 


Boys Spring Track 

1996 was a pretty good year for the boy's track team. With 
the help of a strong group of seniors, the team had a success 
ful season. These top performers earned Hingham a fourth 
place finish in the State Meet, and broke a few records in the pro- 
cess. The 1997 season should be just as good. With Seth Neislon as 
the star (and only senior), the team looks forward to another year of 
hard work, fun, and success. 

I eth strives to bring home the gold. 


I eth shows tremendous leadership as the only senior 
^ on the boys track team. 


Randolph 86-50 Marshfield 61-74 D-Y 65-67 Middleboro 79-55 Whitman H 42-94 Sandwich 60-76 Rockland 93-43 Ply N 75-61 Duxbury 93-44 


Could you ever imagine 
Devon with short 





ike is writing a pass to the bathroom, 

Bob, our "Noble" friend, is 
perplexed by the jibberish 
of the cameraman. 


hilda and Marlda laugh at 
the cameraman. 


Powder Puff 

Powder PufF '96- It was a dark and snowy day. As the seniors 
marched onto the field, the juniors smirked thinking that they 
already won the game. However, two junior fumbles and one 
senior offensive drive later, the score was 6-0 SENIORS! Tensions 
ran high as the juniors watched as their expectations for a win were 

dashed by the unbe- 
lievable blocking and 
tackling of the seniors. 
12-6 was the final 
score with Emily 
Sterns running in both 
touchdowns. Under 
the amazing coaching 
of Kevin Mancini, Jim 
McDonough, Matt 
Camilleri, Mike Kutch, 
Mike Piatt and Dave 
Langill, the players 
trained hard for weeks 
in advance and were 
obviously ready to face the somewhat larger junior girls. All those 
strenuous practices were definately worth the pain. For anyone who 
still thinks that girls aren't tough just ask Megan Williams and 
Megan Balunas. They found out the hard way! Hey girls, not only 
are we pretty and skinny, but we're good at football too! 


atie, Lauren, Erin, Audra, and Meg give a pre- 
ame warmup: a group hug! 


And the crowd goes 
(Please note Hannibal 
Lector in the backround) 


26. HEATHER Don't you wish you were skinny SAYLOR 
10. EMILY See ya in the end zone STERNS 

70. KRISTIN don't you wish you were pretty KLIER 
78. MEGHAN Bust your butt BALUNAS 
57. HILARY You're going down YORK 
86. MEGHAN You got muscles MCLAUGHLIN 
13. ERIN Eat my dust CONROY 

71. KELLEE Make my day MONTGOMERY 

65. WHILENA Hammer your head HARRINGTON 
12. HILARY Got bombs BAKER 


88. JULI Don't go there DOBSON 
63. JESS Just call me Jerry Rice JANCAITIS 
81. KRISTIN spit in your face SPRIANO 
55. LIZ you better run ROWE 

89. MELYSSA Forget your front teeth FALLETI 
74. MEGHAN The big bad dog CLIFFORD 
18. COLLEEN Can't touch this CONNEARNEY 

72. KATIE The gladiator GOLDEN 
62. COURTNEY Laugh in your face LEARY 
30. KATIE Hasn't killed a junior yet HAGGERTY 

67. JENN I'll takeyour knees out SEREMETIS 
36. LAUREN The Tanksta CULLINGS 
57. KATIE Watch me buck he-haw CAROLAN 

27. JESSICA I've been liftin' GRIFFIN 
26. AUDRA Go get 'em GOMEZ 
60. SARAH Big stuff REDDISH 

MANAGER: MEGAN I"ll break your leg WILLIAMS 









6' 4" 


6' 5" 


6' 3" 


6' 2" 


6' 5" 


6' 6" 


6' 4" 






6' 3" 


6' 7" 


6' 4" 


6' 5" 


6' 6" 




6' 7" 





















EVER underestimate 
the power of the 

;■ -- senior girls! 

'ost of the senior girls are looking tough while Sarah says cheese! 


rf. ♦i*** ■ 



A couple of events really stand out when remembering Snowball 
'97. There was Alex who felt the need to take off his shirt in 
the middle of the dance. No one knows why. Don't forget 
the Macarena and the Electric Slide which refuse to die even years 
after their original popularity. Fortunately this time around there 
were no ticket problems. The dance was packed. It was the first 
time in a while that the dance had actually sold out. It turned out to 
be a success and a good time was had by all. 

Joe Harris, Mike 
Freeland, Bob 
Wesson, and Steve 
Lincoln stop dancing to 
please the camera. 

'arrie and Brian. It 
(takes two to tango. 


om is having fun despite any distractions from 



eghan joins in on the Macarena.. .again. 


Osg^'^'^^^ oil- +Vnci- 
end oP U^^qreae^ 

u>^ afcjoted our- 

•^ ■ I II •^^i'** » * »- III ^1 y 

Zone:. FrctT) 
CollccjHncv cor5 

Cord ^-^ ^^] 


• * 




^[ena Iqiows a 
juicy secret 

She aCways 
Iqiows what goes on at 
'Hingham High. She uses 
the. information to Slac/<c 
maiC'Dave into talqng hula 
dancing [essons. WhiCetm 
needs to /(eep (Dave Busy so 
he won't mess up any 
Hingham romances with his 
ffirtacious manner. 

en a./(^a. 'KDoc," /<;eeps an eye 
on lim. She is the e?(pert on 
^amateur psychology atHHS 
andthinl<^ tfiat Tim is a very interest- 
ing case study. 

Z^'t"^'^^' '^'ho secretly loves the 

m m^^o^' ^^ "Ellen to ^ep an 
-^ -^ eye on Tim. Tm is "Dave's 
half Brother But neither Iqwws it since 
their mother died in a tragic case of 

g ^mmdis suffer 

/ ^^from 
jt^ Amnesia 
since his tragic 
accident while 
Boating zvith ^. 
He thin/(s he is 12 
and doesn't realize 
that his crazy uncle 
is trying to kill him 
for his irdieritance. 


^"-t^enden was 

e>^ose tfteir top secret 
pfans. 'Brenden 
zoanted^ to die 
again to ma/le tfieir 
p[ans to tal<^ over the 
iDOTtdmore secure. 

y^f^i Cassie (qwius that %^ fiad 

^mm0^ secrett-ij (iving in the. woods 
behind her house. 

g-^ J was upset that 
^J no one had toCd 
^/ him anything, 
uriginatty, J J wanted to 
lq[['KC Byfafqrg that 
Boating accident But that 
p[anfai[ed. J J has a 
secret infatuation with 
9deghan andwiiido 
anything to l<^ep J<P 
away from her. 

/Tl M3^^ ^ happy that 9(0, her Cong Cost Cove, is 
* l\/l Bac^from the dead. She was heartBroken 

^/ w L' when she heard aBout the Boating accident. 

she wants to caCCher very Best friend Cassie to teCCher 

aCC aBout the news. 

• If CooC; 

ousCy reappeared in 
!Hingham two days 
after his funeraC. 
'Everyone was 
shocC^ed especiaCCy 
since no one recog- 
nized "KC without 
his Beard and 



Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You 

Rachel A-Thanks to God, my fam,Lyd Jo-Ann, MS, AM 
4 everything. 

Katie Allen-Thanks + o 96-Hf JH LK ND MF & JF: I 
survived on my own! 

Nicole Bags-Thank you to my family and friends 
keep in touch. 

Hill B-Thanx M+D J+A The Gang & Posse ;It's been 
fun... Thanks! 

Meg B-Thanx 2 everyl who supported me thru the 
yrs.I Love u! 

Childa Baskerville- Lots of Luv 2 Those who loved 
me 4 me! 

Marisa B-Thanx Ma&LBP&G LC&all my friends esp 

Cindy B- Thanks: BW JH MR RE KF CG GC LW 


Maura Black-Thanks M+G, SB, Last years crew, class 
of '97- we did it!143 & I'll miss you! 


Jon B-Thanx Mom+Dad SG HF JH MS BW KC D 
CH ES CB DH Higs Lac. 

Cassy Brouse-Thanks Mom and Dsd Bethany EC JP 

Sarah Buba-Thanx Mom, Dad, Nicole, Tom, Sadie, 
Morris- I love you. 

Chrissy Cadigan-Thanks Shawn 4 always being 
there! 143 - 4ever. 

Brett Campbell-Thanks to my family, my friends, 
and the Leino's. 

Marc C-Mom, Dad, Gram D&C, Craig, Brygid, Bill. I 
Love You. 

Jen Carnes-Thanks to my family + friends for being 
there DLY. 

Katie C.-Thx M+D, + the fam., the Pos, +crew, 

Tim C-Thnx to the Hagerty's for all the food-Good 
Luck Anth. 

Gina Cinguegrano- Good Luck 2all, IWMU-LD, RW 
I LUV U Fam.Thku God! 

Caitlin Cohan- Thanks Mom & Dad Thanks EC KM 

Courtney-to all those who got me through it all 
Thanks MDJAD. 

Colleen-Thanx Mom Dad + Sarah + Thanx to all my 

Erin C-MD&S ILU Thanx 4 the laughs KA MB CC 


Marissa C-Thanks friends + fam esp. George + Yaya- 
Miss Ya! 

Lauren C-Thanx M,D,&C I Love U Pos the Crew JM 

Charlene Danielson-Thanx Mom & Dad and Frank I 
Love you! 

KD-There is no Dumb quest.-Thanx-MRJ JD 
SO,MN-DR-MD-Thumbs up. 

Tania D-Mom Grama Dad Papa Mike Thanks for all 
your support. 


Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You 

DiGiusto-BC, ZW, Nf, LM, CL Thanks BW for all Liz Gillen-Thank U To my family & friends for 
the good times! being there 143 

Juli D. -Thank you to my family, the "crew" Mike 
and Sals 


Katie G.- Super C, let's do our CIA training in 
Spain. Alone! Thanks Mom, Dad & Nina! 

Audra G.-Thanks to family and friends! I love you 

Cindy D. -Thanks CCF M&D LF DL EC CB CF ML Markia-Much Love to Franklin for helping ME. 

Kirk Rehnie BF & more Thanks I LOVE YOU 

Pat Donnelly-Thank You MOM & DAD, Meghan Jess G.-Thanx Mom & Dad. Caitlin, Erin, Jill, Tania, 

&Ryan-All my friends-GL Jaclyn ILY! Good luck Joe and John. 

Reid E-Thanks to my family, all my friends, and My Katie H.-Thanx 2 AG TC EC NH LS-AGAME-M&D 

dog April. ILY GLG C-T4BMBF GLC 97 

CoUin-Thanks to all my buddies. Jill I will never Jaclyn H.- Thanks to JG, NF, SM, JH &everyone. 

forget you. Mom, Dad, Mike, Kev- ILU 

Sarah E-Thanks Papa, Mitch, Tess&Jess. MY 

Jill H.-Thanx 2 Mom,Dad,Jeff,Steve,Doug, JG NF JH 
JB-ILUG & Collin for being my Best Friend 

Kelly F-thanx Mom Dad JM JB BM BS Ds ES BW Caitlyn H-Thanx MPB MB JB KB MC SR MS RE HE 

TC EC JT KH BM Lac+Higgs 



KATY F-love you Dad Mom Thanks JE SE CB SM Erik Daniel Holler-Thank you and love to my 

CG Good luck! Family. 

Hugh-Thanx: Mom Dad Mike Jon Den KC DS GC Den Hurley-Thanx HE JB KB BC p ML JG KF CR 

ig and everyone! JH MR BW 

MIKE FREELAND-C&V &PF[ &KG, KM, BM, SC, Pat Ingoldsby-Thanks to everyone. Most of all to 

W& ME, TL, BW.JH , DH, C&DJ, D&DT Mom & Dad 

L Fulton-LJC My Fam JM RA CF jM LW JS BJ CD Jess J-Thanx M&D, Ja, Ry, Ann, Joyce, Geoff, Liz, 

BW EC CB HS T Sq the boys & the crew 




Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You 

Nate DOG-Thanx 2, Silva, Beth, Fab-5, LS, DP,OT, 
mostly B-Man,& My Mommy 

Erica Keiley-To all of the unique voices: KG, CL, 
BC, JB, PH, & CC 


Mike K-Thanks Mom Dad Heidi Noah Sal and all 
my friends-g.l. 97 

Dave Langill-Thanks to all of my friends! You are all 

DALE LARRACEY-Thank you Tom, Mom, Dad, 
Michael, and Kenny 

Chuck Lawton-Thank you to Lisa I'll always 
Remember you ILY 

Courtney Leary- KG-Thanks for listening. Operation 
Newt. M+D,C,K, Megs, Munchldn, Bug-love you 

Jill Lennon-Kevi always in my memories and my 
heart. 8-12-95 

Jamie Maclntyre-Thanx Rory, Mess, Mikey, Pete, 
Meg 4 all the lafs 

Mel-Mac- Thanks u ALL: JB MB JC EF ig JL SM My 
fam. its all 2 u! 

Kevin Mancini-Screw, Posse, Ari L. Grandmom 
Auntie, Jancaitis's 

Anthony Marcella-Thanks to all my friends and 
family! LM VPM 

Megan McLaughlin-Thanks Mom, Dad, Conor and 
Best Friends LB + MW 

Nick Mazurek-Thankx to L4 kids & Bob Will Ayers 

Andy & my family 

Brian McViney-Thanks to my family and my friends 

Mark Melanson-Thanks Mom and Dad Good Luck 
Chris and Sean 


Stephanie Monticone-M, D, D, L, A, NF, LH, MH, 
JT, TA-You're the best 

K. Mullen-Thanks Mom, Ker, Dad, TM+Crew EM, 
DL FJ, JC, VM, Oaf+Friends 

Sue Mullen-Nana FAM I Luv You! LA BM CB JC NB 
KH MM Thanx ILU 


Devon Neary-Thanks 2 DRs Family KO LG KM CC 

Adriana Oliviero-Thanx Mum, Chuck, Pat, Tina, 
Dave, DM, SL, JE & GOD 

Sarah R- Thanks for the laughs Liz,MP,GB,TC & 
fam. Ante, it wasn't the same without you. 

Steve R-Thanx2 Mom, Dad, Jenn & Family & all 
thos who influence me 

Liz S-Thanx to all my friends (yknwyr) ily M&D 
you're the best 

Heather S-Thanx Posse, ES, Crew, MW, BG, RM, 
DH, JM, PH, SS ILU Mom & Dad 

Alex Scerbo-Thank you Maura. I've never been 


Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You 

Mark Schomer-Thanx to my family, Notre Dame 
Girls, and Drama 

Russ Shute-Thank you to my Family and Friends 
and Mrs. Lutz 

Meghan Smeriglio-Thank you for being there Mom 

Jackie S.-Thks To My Fam + Friends! LuvU-BA, 

Emily Stearns- Thank you Class of '97! I'll miss you. 

Tom Tobin-Thanks Eve Ryone, Dale, Mom, Dad 
Dan, Greg and Mr .J 

Jon-Thanks to all who kept me Real, U know who U 

TaWonia Watldns-Thank you to all who supported 
me. CR, PM, RB 

Sibby Webster-Thanx to Mom & Dad Mrs. Ruggiero 

Carrie Wechsler-Thanks to my family. Dave, we all 
miss you. 

Amy W-Thanks to my family and good friends I 
made it MDHDGDCC 

Hilary York-Special Thanx: RM Brazis, Mikey, PS, 
Megs. GL-Shmeg! 

Corey Zahner-Thanks Mom Dad Ben Kate and all 
coaches, friends 


ourtney wants to make a pretty Halloween dress in 
her favorite colors, orange and black. 


f Jenny and Nicole are this excited now, just wait until they see their own 

Maura has always 
enjoyed picking at 
her nails in the library. 

bw, check her out! 

* B 

en flashes a dashing smirk during English class. 






CLASS OF 1997 

W.B. Mason Co. 

59 Centre Street Brockton, MA 
(508) 586-3434 







Congratulations Anthony and The Class of 1997! 

To- Chriy K Uha^ with/ love/ from/ 


To laugh often and much, To win the respect of intelligent 
people and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of 
honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to 
appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the 
world a bit better, whether by a healthy child; a garden patch 
or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has 
breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

For Michael Freeland, 

Jllmays full of sun- 
shine, wis2 beyond your 
years. i;imes like this are 
bittersweet, we're smiling 

through our tears. 

Lots of Love, 

Mom, Dad, Cavi, Karlene, 
Pop, Dianne, Dale, Connie, Dick, 
Ellen, Brian, Anne, Chad, Hannah, 
Mike, Merl 

We're so proud of you 


Mom, Tfad, Lauren 


Jls your journey continues, 
may all your dreams come true. 

"JJour 3^amlly 


Continue to soar. 

Mom, Dad, 
and Scott 


'We are so very proud 
of you. 'We know you will 
achieve your dreams. 
Mom. Dad. & 

Good Luck Collin! 

Love, Mom and Dad 




'We are proud of you, 

your success, your talents. 

your hard tvork. 

dedication and accomplishments. 

May your future be blessed 

and bright! 

Cove forever. 

Mom. and Dad 

Ristorante & Pizzeria 


211 Lincoln St. (Rte 3A) Hingham, MA 


Tfie "Whitney Qordons Inc. 

"in downtown Hingham since 1950" 

39 MAIN ST. 





We wish that your journey 

will be rich with experience 

and self discovery! 

Congratulations to our senior! 

Love, IVIum and Dad 

YHE ^Akl^BT (^ANG , 

I' r> 













^m * 




It. ^' 




■» •. ^> 




> ^ 






• R- 



^^^^^^^Hi>j ^1 

^^^■3^ ^Bp^^^ ^^^k 

Ellen. Job well 

Mom & Dad 

You've made us proud. 


Mom di Dad 

T.Q. - 

You're the 
Greatest! Keep up 
the good work! 

We love you • 
Mom, Dad, 
& Spence 

Go Girl! 

Love, Mom Dad + Carolyn 

Love. Mom B- D^^, ]os\\ & Atiti^bcllc 

Nanci , 

We hope your 
next 18 years are 
as successful and 
enjoyable as your 
first 18. 

Mom, Dad, and 


Much love, happiness, 
and success in your years 
ahead. We are proud of you! 
Love, Mom, 
Dad, and Alicia 

Z a c k " 

Were very 
proud o all your 
e o r { s and 
acnievemenis in 
ni<3n Ocnool, bui 
mosi o| all we re 
proud or you. 

We love you, 
/\ o m , U ad 


e d 1 r 1 s 


. «jm^ 

^/- ;^ 

Friends are those who send a smile 

To brighten up your day. 
Friends are those who make you laugh 

They wipe your tears away. 
Friends are those who understand 

That someone you can talk to. 
Friends are those who share your pain 

Do all they can to help you. 
Friends are those who touch your heart 

With the love and warmth they send. 
Friends are those who care enough 

From now until the end. 

Congratulations to Ur. Uonnell 

Massachusetts 17ice Trine! pal of the Year 

0^ CfOitf Aii t^ ia(AC CUut CucA (M^ 

7/(04H. cut^ 'Dad' 

Congratulations Meghan 
on a Job well done! 

Best of Luck to the 
Class of 1997 

K7I G.T. Reilly 
WLM & Company 

Certified Puitic Accountants / Business ConsuCtants 

424 Adams Street 

Milton, Massachusetts 02186 


TEL. (617) 749-8060 
FAX. (617) 472-5945 



31-35 MAIN ST. 
HINGHAM, MA 02043 

Congratulations Jiablbl 
Cave from Mom. Cynn & Greg 


Kaiie, Erin and 


F-Man inc. 

"Reach out and touch 

Phone: 1-800-Holyoke 

We/alMoyyhnewyow l, 

were/^eciaL I! 

Love/, Mcnn/cond/Vcid/ 

A Special Thanks to the Rec. Center 

We couldn't have done it without you! 
Our dance will go down in history! 


^i9igmM ^mAcH'E^ ASSOC imi09i 

jUasiachusetti hschm Association 

^^ducating for 
the future " 



comnA ru la tions 

CLASS of 1997 


Thank you for 
being a great person 
to all. 

Your Family 

It seems like only yesterday! 


Love you. 
Mom 8r Dad 

Congratulations Jill! 
You've done a great job in 
high school. We wish you 
the same success in col- 
lege. Keep up the good 

Mom. Dad, Jeff, 
Steve + Doug 

77/ alivays remember your 

little girl years. But 1 love 

even more the woman you 



Dear Walter, 

We wish you great 
health, happiness, 
luck + success in all 
your future endeav- 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad, 
Kristen + Kim 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 1997. 

Good luck Meghan! 


1200 Providence Highway 

Suite 102N. 

Sharon, MA 02067 



TKtMt', 'Dad'. Sa/iaA 

yes 'Kate.... you amAWESO^MBl 

'BeCieve in yourseff and tfiis 

ziHff never dmnge! 

!A[[our tovt-now andjoTtver, 

Iviom, 9\lic^ Cedric, Susie, Lucy 

andl^na too! 



yCeep putting your best 

foot forward! 

Good luck in the years 


Cove from your family. 

both near and far. 

^^^^^^^Bp^ iB^^^^Slm 


K, H^i^l'lB 

you fiave Been our dream come 

Bs vEfl 

true. We are so proud. 

v^ 1^ ^nil 

■ ^m 


^k jrfV^^I 

9dom, 'Dad, CooCio, Ke^C 


'Hutmeg, Muncfilq.n & 'Bug 

Jotlow your dreams. . . 

for as you dream 

so sfiaffyou Become. 

Mzuays f^ep that beautiful smikl 

CoryratuCations and we foveyou. 

9^um, T)ad, Jared& 

and Best Wishes 

to the 
Hingham High School 

Class of 1997 

^^r' 41 Pleasant St 

The Hingham x./Wvt^'i^^ Partnership 

Hingham High School .^fir^ ^^ Pleasant Street, Hingham, MA 02043 


CotigrcctulatXxyyvy! ! We/ ewe/ ^,0- 
proud/ of yaw. 


Monv, Vad/y Kerty, Johw 
(cvnd/ B UcuCtO 


you have (earriedto dream. 

y^ufiavekarnedtoacfuevtyouT dmrnis. 

9^^j your future avMts. 


'Dad, 'Mom, Joe &Jofm. 


We'ne all so pwud 

oj: youl 

love, Mom and Dad, 

Megan, Karlmyn, 

Mamanne and Fnannie 

Congratulations on yoiar 
graduation from Hing"ham 
High School! Good luck in 
your future years at Provi- 
dence College! 

Mom, Dad, 
Jen + Mark 



'We are proud of your 
accomplishments and wish 
you the best of luck with life's 
future challenges. 


Mom. TDad. 'Ethan and Tipper 

from HiNGHAM Federal Credit Union & The Harbormen *s Wharf at Hingham High 





Main Office: 19 Fort Hill Street Hingham, MA 02043 ▲ (617) 749-2026 
Scituate Branch: 788 Country Way No. Scituate, MA 02066 A (617) 545-2344 

Good Luck 
Class of 1997 

plant the. 

3*JhuAicai Educatien 

the/ ccnirie^yovi/hati&'to-lcn'e' 

SAilla- S)-eae£af>ment 

Hingham High 
Class of 

These four years have brought us closer together 
as a class. The friendships we have made will 
last a lifetime, As Freshmen we reached for the 
stars, and now as Seniors we ore among them. 
We worked hard to put together a yearbook 
that would serve as a time capsule. 

"The sun is but a morning star." 


Good luck and remember... 
We all shine on! 


Your Editors, 




A Special Events Magazine 
March 1996 • March 1997 



school to 
go to a baseball 
game not knowing 
that he would 
become a key 
player for the New 
York Yankees. In 
the first game of 
American League 
division playoffs, 
Maier stuck out his 
glove and caught a 
fly ball that was 
ruled a home run for 
the Yankees. The 
run proved to be 
crucial to the 
Yankee victory. 
1 Six-year-old 

is charged with 
sexual harassment 
for kissing a girl at 
school. • One of the 
world's most 
eligible bachelors, 
John F. Kennedy 
Jr., marries Carolyn 
Bessette in a chapel 
on Cumberland 
Island, GA. 

Kaczynski, 53, is 
arrested after 16 
bombings over 18 
years. A 35,000- 
word "Unabomber 
Manifesto" leads 
Kaczynski 's brother 
to turn him in to the 
FBI. A copy of the 
manifesto was 
found in Ted 

S. O'Sullivan/Sygma 

2 Suspected 


Kaczynski 's cabin 
near Lincoln, 
• Christina Lynn 
Skleros, 8, sang the 
national anthem at 
the World Series. 
3 At age 11, 
Alexandra Nechita 

Gifford/Gamma Liaison 

is an artist already 
selling $2 million 
worth of paintings. 
4 An auction of the 
possessions of 
Jackie Kennedy 
Onassis brings in an 
estimated $34.5 
million. Kennedy 
in-law Arnold 

B. Fitz Patrick/Sygma 

pays $772,500 for 
JFK's golf clubs. 
5 Chemical-fortune 
heir John Dupont 
is convicted of 
third-degree murder 
in the shooting 
death of Olympic 
wrestler David 
Schultz. The jury 
also found him to be 

mentally ill. 
• Under CEO 
Arthur Martinez, 

Sears repositioned 
its merchandising 
and marketing focus 
and returned the 
struggling company 
to a successful 
retailer. 6 Savion 
Glover claims tap 
dancing saved him 
from a life of crime. 
He won his first 
Tony Award for his 
creative Bring in 
'da Noise, Bring in 
'da Funk, a 
chronicle of black 
history through 

J. Wol ford/Sygma J.L.Bulcao/Gamma Liaison 

Cover phoio credits: Carl Lewis: J.O./Gamma Liaison; Dunblane. Scotland: John James/Sygma; John F. Kennedy Jr./Gamma Liaison; Kieko the whale: 

G. Pace/Sygma 

Paul VanDevelder/Gamma Liaison 

Frank Trapper/Sygma 

dance. • A fire 
destroyed Maiden 
Mills factory 

hurricanes disrupted 
production, and 
torrents of rain 
forced employees to 
sandbag the main 
office building. 

Company president 
Aaron Feuerstein 
received national 
attention for 
keeping the plant 
open and paying 
employee salaries 
for 90 days after the 
blaze. 7 George 
Burns dies at age 
100. The great 
comedian's long 
career will be 
remembered for his 
routines with wife 
Gracie Allen and his 
trademark stogies. 
• We paid final 
respects to: Mirmie 
Pearl, Dorothy 
Lamour, Ella 

Who is the person v 


adm i r e the nitls!^ 

McMullan/Gamma Liaison 

Fitzgerald, Timothy 
Leary, Spiro Agnew, 
Alger Hiss, Bill 
Monroe, Audrey 
Meadows, Cardinal 
Joseph Bemardin, 
Barbara Jordan, 
Erma Bombeck, 
Howard Rollins, 
and Jonathan 
Larson. 8 Richard 
Jewell, the security 
guard who first 
spotted the pipe 
bomb in Centennial 
Park during the 
Summer Olympics, 
becomes the focus 
of the FBI bombing 
Though not 
officially a suspect, 
Jewell is besieged 
by investigators and 
media. After months 
of public scrutiny, 
the FBI announces 

that Jewell is no 
longer a target of 
the investigation. 
9 Bill Cosby 's only 
son, Ennis Cosby, 
27, is murdered on 
an isolated road off 
the San Diego 
Freeway while 
changing a flat tire. 

• Hollywood's 
golden couple Brad 
Pitt and Gwyneth 
Paltrow announced 
their engagement. 

• After fifteen years, 
Bryant Gumbel 
retired from the 
TODAY Show. • Eric 
and Amy 
Guttensohn of 
Montgomery, AL, 
were blessed in 
August with the 
first set of 
quintuplets in 
the United 


Schwarz/Gamma Liaison 



■ ■ n July, 

■ ■ 1 TWA 

■ ■ Flight 800 

^^^1 explodes in 
mid-air off 
Long Island, killing 
230 people. The 
cause of the crash 
has yet to be 
2 Attempting to 
become the 
youngest person 
ever to fly cross- 
country, seven-year- 
old pilot Jessica 
Dubroff takes off 
with her father and 
their co-pilot. Their 

plane goes down in 
bad weather shortly 
after take-off near 
Cheyenne, WY, 
killing all three. 
• McDonald's Arch 
Deluxe, with more 
than 30 grams of 
fat, replaced the not- 
so-popular McLean 
Deluxe. 3 With 
more than 60,000 
square miles of 
destructive force. 
Hurricane Fran 
claims 34 lives and 
causes more than $ 1 
billion in property 
damage. It comes 

r^a^^ MKm 







WmmtaOlt j^^^^ 

HH^ ' 

* ^ri 




'^^ m 














John Green/Sygma 

Leslie Kirk by /Gamma Liaison 

Cramer Galli more/Gamma Liaison 

ashore near Cape 
Fear, NC, and 
moves across the 
region with winds 
reaching a 
whopping 115 mph. 
4 Binti-Jua, an 
gorilla, is praised 
for her rescue of a 
3 -year-old boy who 
had fallen into the 
gorilla cage at the 
Brookfield Zoo in 
Brookfield, IL. 
• Kieko, the 
formerly ill-treated 
movie star of Free 
Willy, recovered at 
the Free Willy- 

Keiko Foundation in 
Newport, OR. 

• A stray cat named 
Scarlett rescued her 
five kittens from a 
burning building 
and escaped with 
only minor singes. 

• American guide 

Scott Fischer died 
along with seven 
other climbers 
during an expedition 
on Mount Everest. 
Snow was blowing 
at 70 mph, and 
dropped to -40 
degrees. • Four 
female cadets 
entered the Citadel 
in the fall. Jeanie 
Mentavlos and Kim 
Messer withdrew 
midyear after hazing 
incidents made them 
feel they were no 
longer safe on 
campus. Petra 
Lovetinska and 
Nancy Mace 
remained at the 
South Carolina 
military college. 
• JonBenet 
Ramsey, a six-year- 
old from Boulder, 
CO, was murdered 
in her home the 
morning after 

Jean-Marc Giboux/Gamma Liaison 

Was there a special Report 

5 African- American 
churches are 
destroyed in a rash 
of fires. The attacks 
occur mainly at 
night and start with 
accelerants and 
firebombs. 6 Despite 
tight security, 
tragedy strikes the 
Olympic Park 
when a pipe bomb 
explodes during a 
concert. Several 
people are injured 
and two are killed. 

author R.L. Stine 
sold more than 130 

signals, the^ 



to spend 

$350 million to 

solve capacity 

problems. • NASA 

ith her 
return home 
delayed by 
and bad weather, 

1 Shannon Lucid 
spends 188 days in 
space, a U.S. record. 

2 After losing her 
husband in the 1993 
massacre on a Long 
Island commuter 
train, Carolyn 
McCarthy, 52, 
lobbies Congress for 
a ban on assault 
weapons. However, 
when her own 
representative, Dan 
Frisa, tries to 
overturn the bill, 
McCarthy decides 
to run for office 

R. EIHs/Sygma 

herself. She wins a 
congressional seat 
by defeating her 
opponent, Frisa, by 
a landslide. 
3 Republican 
candidate Bob Dole 
resigns from the 
Senate and gives up 
his position as 
majority leader to 
focus on his run for 
the presidency. 
4 Bill Clinton 
becomes the 
first Democratic 
President to win 


two consecutive 
terms since 1964. 

• Cartoonist Scott 
Adams, the creator 
of Dilbert, 
portrays the 
corporate workplace 
through his comic 
strip, books, 
calendars, and 
paraphernalia. His 
book "The Dilbert 
Principle" has 
already sold 
750,000 copies. 

• On May 1 1 , 
Valujet Flight 592 
crashed into the 
Everglades in 
Florida, killing 110 
people aboard the 
plane. Investigators 
suggested that 
canisters might have 
been the cause of 
the fire and smoke 
which destroyed the 

• Applicants at the 
College of William 
and Mary were 
asked to choose new 
heads for Mt. 
Rushmore. The 
winners were John 
F. Kennedy, 
Franklin Roosevelt, 
Martin Luther King 
and Mother Teresa. 

• President Clinton 
selected Czech 

Larry Downing/Sygma 

refugee Madeleine 
Albright to be 

Secretary of State 
during his second 
term. Former 
ambassador to the 
United Nations, 
Albright becomes 

the highest-raking 
female government 
official in U.S. 
history. • Admiral 
Mike Boorda, the 
first enlisted man to 
become Chief of 
Naval Operations, 



E^ v^ What national issue was m 

took his own life, as 
controversy arose 
over medals that he 
may not have 
earned the right to 
wear. 5 An Air Force 
jet carrying 
Secretary of 
Commerce, Ron 
Brown, and 34 
others, crashes in 
the mountains of 
Croatia. There are 
no survivors. • TV- 
industry executives 
and the White 
House created a 
rating system for 
television shows to 
alert parents to 
excessive violence, 
sex or rough 
language. This 
rating guide will 
allow parents to 
lock out ill-favored 

Jeffrey Markowitz/Sygma 

shows using a V- 
chip which can be 
installed in new 
television sets 
starting in 1998. 

H" 'fl 

^^^I^Hn wLt 


■ 1 



^■r n 'lafl 


^V fi 

^B^'4 JH 






Chris Ockcn/Sygma 

6 Susan McDougal, 

a former partner 
with Bill and 
Hillary Clinton in 
the Whitewater 
Development Corp., 
faces 1 8 months in 
prison on a 
contempt of court 
citation for her 
refusal to testify 
about her 
involvement in 
Whitewater. 7 The 
Freemen of Jordan, 
MT, end their 81 
days armed 
standoff. Leader 
Emmett Clark and 
1 3 other Freemen 
are indicted for false 
tax claims, bank 
fraud, threats 
against federal 
officials, and 
firearms violations. 
• A 69-year-old 


Larry Mayer/Gammj Lijivon 

Palestinian man 
opened fire on an 
observation deck of 
the Empire State 
Building. He killed 
one person and 
wounded six before 
taking his own life. 
• Jello turned 100 in 
March. The inventor 
of the billion dollar 
dessert sold the 
rights in 1899 for 
$450. . The Ohio 
River reaches its 
highest level in 

three decades. Many 
counties in Ohio, 
West Virginia, 
Indiana and 
Tennessee were 
declared federal 
disaster areas. 
Thousands of 
people were 
evacuated from 
their homes in Ohio 
and Kentucky. The 
damage was 
estimated to be 
more than $500 


Dn March 
13, in 
Scotland, a 
former youth 
leader, Thomas 
Hamilton, took the 
lives of 16 children 
and one teacher. The 
massacre took place 
in a public school 
gymnasium. 1 When 
Israel's Prime 
Minister, Benjamin 
Netanyahu, reopens 
a second entrance to 
an archaeological 
tunnel near the 
Islamic Dome of the 
Rock, armed 

erupt between Israel 
and Palestine. 
2 Netanyahu and 
PLO leader Yasir 
Arafat finally agree 
to talk but later 
announce they could 
find no common 
ground. • A 500- 
year-old Inca 
teenager was found 
by an archaeologist 
atop Mount Ampato 
in the Andes. She is 
considered a 
"treasure" because 
of her well- 
preserved condition. 
She was still 
wearing alpaca 

Yurm an/Gamma Liaison 

and a feather head- 

3 After rigorous 
campaigning, Boris 
Yeltsin wins re- 
election as Russia's 
President, only to 
disappear for 
several months due 
to health problems. 
He begins his 
second term in 
August, and by 
November he is 
recovering from 
quintuple bypass 
surgery. • The 
Roslin Institute and 
PPL Therapeutics of 
Scotland, made a 
breakthrough by 
successfully cloning 
sheep through 
nuclear transfer. 
One of the benefits 


Laski Wojlek/Gamma Liaison 

of this technology 
could be 
improvements in 
conventional animal 
breeding. 4 In 
Afghanistan, one of 
every 129 people is 

an amputee. Many 
are maimed by the 
land mines that are 
constant reminders 
of the cost of war. 
. TIME Magazine 
selected David Da-i 

What was the ewei 

r e m e mh e r m ^Vl\ 

J. Andanson/Sygma 

Ho, M.D., as its 

1996 Man of the 
Year. Dr. Ho is one 
of the world's 
leading researchers 
in the fight against 
AIDS. 5 China's 
leader Deng 
Xiaoping dies at the 
age of 92 due to 
complications of 
Parkinson's Disease 
and a lung infection. 

6 In Chechnya's 
two-year civil war 
at least 50,000 
homes have been 

7 Princess Diana's 
divorce from Prince 
Charles leaves her 

with a $22.5 million 
settlement and her 
Kensington Palace 
home. She does, 
however, lose the 
title "Her Royal 
Highness." • The 
year's worst air 
disaster was the 
mid-air collision of 

Gregory' Pace/Sygma 

I aSaudi jumbo jet 

I and a cargo plane. 
I The planes collided 
I outside of New 
I Dehhand349 
I people were killed. 
I • Descendants of 
I Holocaust victims 


pressure officials of 
Swiss banks to 
release accounts 
opened by their 
relatives before 
World War II. • Lu 
Zhong Wu was one 
of 300 Chinese 
imprisoned after 
their ship ran 
aground near the 
Statue of Liberty. 
Wu's talent as an 
artist gained 
national attention 
and helped him get 
released after three 
years in prison. 



^ •» » » m 



Michael J. 
Fox and 

with their television 
hits Spin City and 
Suddenly Susan. 1 
Helen Hunt wins a 
Golden Globe for her 
work on Mad About 
You and stars in one 
of the year's biggest 
movies. Twister, 
starring Hunt and Bill 
Paxton, brought the 
disaster movie back to 
the big screen 


Gamma Liaison 

2 Tom Cruise stars in 
two of the year's most 
successful movies. In 
Mission Impossible he 
not only plays the 
lead role, he produces 
film as well. His 
performance in 
Jerry Maquire 
earns Cruise a 
Golden Globe 
award and an 

Oscar nomination. 

• John Travolta had 

another big year with 
the hits Phenomenon 
and Michael. • Tim 
Allen's Home 
continued to be one of 
television's most 
popular shows. 
3 Rosie O'Donnell 
wins ratings and 
kudos as her talk 
show, The Rosie 
O'Donnell Show, 
brings a new style to 
daytime television. 

• Sherry Stringfield 

Gregory Pace/Sygma 

left the hit series ER 
to move to New York 
and pursue a personal 
life. 4 The outrageous 


hit series 3rd Rock 
from the Sun wins 
Golden Globe awards 
for the show and its 
star John Lithgow. 
5 Independence Day 
starring Will Smith, 
Bill Pullman, and 
Jeff Goldblum is the 
year's biggest box 
office hit. 6 At the 
23rd Annual People's 

20lh Century Fox/Shooling Slar, Inl'l 

Choice Awards, 
Millennium wins an 
award for New 
Television Dramatic 

20lh Century Fox/Shooting Star, Inl'l 

Series. • Some 
popular movies this 
year were: First 
Wives Club, 101 
Dalmatians, The 
People vs. Larry 
Flynt, Hunchback of 
Notre Dame, Scream, 
Broken Arrow, The 
English Patient, Fly 
Away Home, The 
Crucible, Shine, 
Fargo, The Rock, 
Marvin's Room, The 
Birdcage, Happy 
Gilmore, That Thing 
You Do, Eraser, 
Courage Under Fire, 
Beavis and Butt-head 

F. Trapper/Sygma 

What were your 

movies aod TV shows? 

20th Century Fox/Shooting Star. Int. 'I 

Do America, Tin Cup, 
Sleepers, and The 
Truth About Cats and 
Dogs. • Popular 
television shows 
included: Seinfeld, 
The Drew Carey 

Empire Strikes Back, 
and Return of the 
Jedi. 8 Evita wins 
three Golden Globe 
Awards including an 
award for the song 
You Must Love Me. 
• Television veterans 
Bill Cosby, Ted 
Danson, Don 
Johnson, Rhea 
Perlman, and 
Arsenio Hall returned 
in new prime time 
shows. 9 The public's 
fascination with 
science fiction 
continues. The X- 
Files wins three 

Cinergi Pictures/Shooting Star. Int I 

Show, Xena, Hercules, 
NYPD Blue, Party of 
Five, Friends, 
Touched by an Angel, 
Sabrina the Teenage 
Witch, F rosier, 
NewsRadio, Dr. Quinn 
Medicine Woman, 
Nash Bridges, and 
Caroline in the City. 
7 George Lucas 
celebrates the 20th 
anniversary of Star 
Wars by the re- 
release of the original 
Star Wars, The 

Fox/Shooting Siar. Inl.l 

Golden Globes, one 
for the show and one 
each for stars David 
Duchovny and 

Yoram Kah an a/Shooting Siar. Inl.'l 

Gillian Anderson. 

• A Time to Kill 
starred Matthew 
McConaughey and 
turned him into the 
year's newest sex 
symbol. 10 Sandra 
Bullock costars with 
McConaughey in A 
Time To Kill and with 
Chris O'Donnell in 
In Love and War. 
11 The Nutty 
Professor showcases 
Eddie Murphy's 
comedic talents and 
his ability to 
into many 


Universal Pictures/Shooting Star, Int. 

12 Mel Gibson has 

one of the year's 
biggest hits with 


Romeo and Juliet is 
made into a 90s 
version with 
DiCaprio as Romeo 
and Claire Danes 
as Juliet. 



9 he 
hit song, 
Lovefool, is 
on the soundtrack 
for Romeo and 
Juliet. 1 Celine 
Dion's album 
Falling Into You 
wins Grammy 
Awards for Best Pop 
Album and Album of 
the Year. 2 Eric 
Clapton and 
Change the World, 
wins three Grammy 
Awards. The song 
appeared in 
the hit movie 

Michele Minker/Shooting Star, Inl.'l 

• Madonna 
announced from the 
set of Evita that she 
was pregnant. 
Lourdes Maria 
Ciccone Leon was 
born on October 
14. 3Alanis 
Jagged Little Pill 
sells over 14 
million copies. It 
is the best- 
selling album 
by a female 
ever and the 
solo debut 

Alain Benainous/Gamma Liaison 

John Chiasson/Gamma Liaison 

album in U.S. 
history. 4 Hootie 
and the Blowfish 

follow last year's 
success with 
Johnson. • Whitney 
Houston had two 
soundtrack albums 
this year with The 
Preacher's Wife and 
Waiting to Exhale. 



Gamma Liaison 

5 LeAnn Rimes, 

the 14-year-old 
superstar, has two 
albums on top of the 
country charts: Blue 
and Unchained 
MelodylThe Early 
Years. She is also 
the first country 
performer to ever 
win a Best New 
Artist Grammy. 

6 Toni Braxton's 
album. Secrets, 
features the hits 
You're Making me 
High and Unbreak 
My Heart. 1 Pieces 
of You, the new 
album by folk- 
rocker Jewel, 
contains the hits 
Who Will Save Your 
Soul and You Were 
Meant For Me. 

• Tracy Chapman's 
Give Me One 
Reason won a 
Grammy for Best 
Rock Song. 

• Country artist 
winners at the 
American Music 

King/Gamma Liaison 

A. Berliner/Gamma Liaison 

Ron Davis/Shooling Siar. Int.' 

So, what did you 

daoce to? 

Ron Davis/Shooting Star. Int.' 

Awards: Favorite 
Male Artist B Garth 
Brooks, Favorite 
Female Artist 
Shania Twain, and 
Favorite Album for 
8 George Strait's 
Blue Clear Sky. 
• Grammy Awards 
in the country 
category went to 
Vince Gill for 
Worlds Apart and 
Brooks and Dunn 
for My Maria. 
10 The Smashing 
Pumpkins' hit 
Bullet With Butterfly 
Wings wins awards 
at the Grammys and 
the American Music 
Awards. 11 The 

Fugees, a Haitian 
American trio, win 
Best Rap Album for 
The Score. 12 Los 
Del Rio's hit song, 
Macarena, soars to 
the top of the charts 
and stays there for 
14 weeks. 13 Gansta 
rapper and actor 
Tupac Shakur, 25, 
is murdered in Las 
Vegas. • The group 
Phish had an ice 
cream flavor named 
after them. Ben and 
Jerry's Ice Cream 
created a flavor 
called Phish Food. 
The band decided to 

Chris Voelker/Shooling Star, Ini.'l 

Evan Agoslini/Gamma Liaison 

Dorothy Low/Shooting Star, Int.'l 

donate the proceeds 
to environmental 
efforts. 'After 
struggling for eight 
years, No Doubt 
finally hit it big with 
their triple platinum 
album Tragic 
Kingdom. 14 Keith 
Sweat wins the 
Favorite Soul R&B 
Male Artist at the 
American Music 
Awards. • Blind 
Melon released 
NICO, a tribute to 
Shannon Hoon's 
daughter Nico 
Hoon. It was a mix 
of songs that were 
previously recorded, 
but never released. 

King/Gamma Liaison 

• Other popular 
musicians include: 

Reba McEntire, 
Live, R.E.M., Seal, 
Garbage, Bush, 
Filter, silverchair. 
Cypress Hill, Bjork, 
Brandy, Oasis, Hole 
Alison Krauss, 
Dwight Yoakam, 
Joan Osborne, Foo 
Fighters, Pearl Jam, 
Alan Jackson, 
Deanna Carter, The 
Spice Girls, 
Rusted Root, 
and The 
Presidents of 
the United 



signed a 
contract with the 
Los Angeles Lakers 
O'Neal's contract 
was the highest in 
the history of team 
sports. • Kobe 
Bryant, at age 18, 
decided to forego a 
college career for a 
Lakers uniform and 
a $3.5 million 
contract. 1 Number 
one seed Pete 
Sampras wins the 
U.S. Open by 
defeating Michael 
Chang in the finals. 
2 The Green 
Bay Packers 
defeat the 

Focus On Sports 

England Patriots 
35-21 to win 
Super Bowl 
XXXL 3 Mike 

Tyson is knocked 
down in the sixth 
round and into the 
ropes in the 10th. 
The referee stops 

the fight 37 seconds 
into the 11th round, 
and Evander 
Holyileld defeats 
Tyson to win 
Championship title. 

4 The Colorado 
Avalanche wins its 
first Stanley Cup by 
defeating the 
Florida Panthers 1-0 
in double-overtime. 

5 The Chicago 
Bulls win their 
fourth NBA title by 
defeating the Seattle 
SuperSonics 4-2. 
Michael Jordan is 
named Most 
Valuable Player. 

• Dennis Rodman, 
35, known as one of 
the best rebounders 
in the NBA, was 
suspended for 1 1 

Focus On Sports 

games, fined 
$25,000, and 
ordered to undergo 
counseling for 
kicking a courtside 

Focus On Sports 

Focus On Sports 

David Waite/Gamma Liaison 

Who are your favopite 

sports Tigun 


^ A 

* \ 



Sl \ 

^-ar— ■^^^L^'^^ 

■ Jr^ T 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^GS* 

M i^^^^^^^^^^^^r 


Focus On Sports 

1996, Jeff Gordon | 

wins 10 races and 1 

^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^H 

finishes second in 


Winston Cup points 

behind Terry 


LaBonte. At 25, 

-^AC' • ■-^v- 

1 Gordon becomes the 

r^ esasg) >itici. 

1 youngest driver ever 

r%«er — :^i 


1 to win the Daytona 




1 500. 8 The New 1 


York Yankpps win 

Focus On Sports 

1 their 23rd World 1 


1 Series by beating 

B Tiger Woods, 20, 

the defending 

captures his third 

champion Atlanta 

straight U.S. 

1 Braves 4-2. This 

Amateur golf 

1 is the Yankees 

championship. He 

1 first World 

drops his amateur 

1 Championship win 

status and begins his 

1 since 1978. B Steffi 1 

pro career. 7 In 

Graf sweeps three 

Grand Slam 
tournaments: the 
French Open, 
Wimbledon, and the 
U.S. Open. Graf 
remains the number 
one seeded player in 
women's tennis. 

• Emmitt Smith 
became the highest- 
paid running back in 
football after 
signing an eight 
year, $48 million 
contract with the 
Dallas Cowboys. 

• In the 1997 Sugar 
Bowl, Florida 
defeated its archrival 
Florida State 52-20 
and won its first 

• Richard Krajceli 
became the first 
Dutch player, and 
only the second 

Focus On Sports 

unseeded player to 
win Wimbledon. 
•Hockey's Wayne 
Gretzky was traded 
from the Los 
Angeles Kings to 
the St. Louis Blues. 
• Tommy Lasorda, 
the longtime 
manager of the Los 
Angeles Dodgers, 
retired. • Magic 
Johnson retired 
from the NBA for 
the third time. 

Focus On Sports 

*^ ^' 




AH made an 
at the 
Summer Olympics in 
Atlanta, Georgia. Ali 
lit the torch to start the 
games. 1 Michael 
Johnson, the man with 

individual gold on the 
balance beam. 3 hi one 
of the games' most 
dramatic moments, 
USA gymnast Kerri 
Strug completes her 
final vault with a 
sprained left ankle. 
Strug and her 
teammates are 
unaware at the time of 

Focus On Sports 

the golden shoes, sets 
a world record in the 
200-meter race. At 28, 
he becomes the first 
man to win both the 
200 and 400-meter 
races at the Olympics. 
2 Shannon Miller is 
USA's most decorated 
gymnast when she 
wins the team and 

her vault that they 
have already won the 
women's team gold 
medal. • Both the 
men's and women's 
USA basketball teams 
took home the gold. 
4 Canadian Donovan 
Bailey leads his team 
to a gold medal in the 
4 X 100 relay event. 



*« --f-^ 



\ ■ 




■ .r ■ 










^,- V%1^'^ 






I ■ ''Ma 








■ ,* 

Gamma Liaison 

Bailey also wins a 
gold for the individual 
100 meters. • By 
winning the long jump 
event for the USA, 
sprinter Carl LeM'is 
has won nine gold 
medals during his 
Olympic career. 
• Canadian swimmer 
Curtis Myden won 

Focus On Sports 

bronze medals for the 
200 and 400 individual 
swimming medleys, 
while Marianne 
Limpert, also from 
Canada, won a silver 
in the 200 individual 
swimming medley. 
5 The USA women's 
swim team wins gold 
medals in the 400 

meter freestyle relay, 
the 400 meter medley 
relay, and the 800 
freestyle relay. 
• American swimmer 
Amy Van Dyken won 
the gold in the 
women's 50 freestyle 
and 100 butterfly. 
6 Dan O'Brien wins 
the gold in the 
Decathlon and is 
recognized as the 
"world's greatest 
athlete." 7 In track, 
Gail Devers wins a 
gold medal in the 100 
meters and leads the 
USA team to a gold in 
the 4 X 100 meter relay 
event. • The USA 
women brought home 
gold medals in soccer 











^ ...... 


iai. '^ 


^ ^J.?^W^ 


Wally Mcnamce/Sygma 

and Softball. • Light- 
middleweight David 
Reid won America's 
only boxing gold 
medal by knocking out 
Cuba's Alfredo 
Duvergel • USA's 
medal count came to 
44 gold, 32 silver, and 
25 bronze for a total 
of 101. 

Gamma Liaison 

Joe Traver/Gamma Liaison 

G. Giansanti/Sygma 


By: John Lennon 

Copyright © 1970 Lenono Music. All rights administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, 8 Music 

Square West, Nashville, TN 37203 

All Rights Reserved Used by Permission 

Instant Karma 

Instant Karma's gonna get you 
Gonna knock you right on the head 

You better get yourself together 

Pretty soon, you're gonna be dead 

What in the world you thinking of 

Laughing in the face of love 

What on earth you tryin' to do 

It's up to you, yeah you. 

Instant Karma's gonna get you 

Gonna look you right in the face 

You better get yourself together darlin' 

Join the human race 

How in the world you gonna see 

Laughin' at fools like me 

Who in the heck d'you think you are 

A super star 

Well, alright you are 

Well we all shine on 

Like the moon and the stars and the sun 

Well we all shine on 

Ev'ryone come on 

Instant Karma's gonna get you 

Gonna knock you off your feet 

Better recognize your brothers 

Ev'ryone you meet 

Why in the world are we here? 

Surely not to live in pain and fear 

Why on earth are you there 

When you're ev'rywhere 

Come and get your share 

Well we all shine on 

Like the moon and the stars and the sun 

Well we all shine on 

Come on and on and on 

Yeah yeah alright ah ah.... Beatles 


3 3490 00116 9170 




/\ -^ , 

NOV 1997 

For Reference 

Not to be taken 
from this library